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Invented decades ago in Ireland, this kettle allows the camper or fisherman to bring to a boil up to 1-1/4 qts of water (Large Kettle), using just some shavings or a handful of twigs. It operates just as well in windy rain as on a sunny day, functioning as a hollow-center chimney surrounded by a double-wall boiler.

The Small Kettle holds 22 oz of water (about 1-1/2 pt, or 2 large mugs) and the Large size holds 65 more (1-1/4 qt.). Both kettles are made of 16 gauge aluminum (1.6 mm thick).

An Accessory Kit is available for the Large Kettle, comprised of a cooking pot (30 fl oz / 0.85 L capacity, 5-1/4" diam); frying pan(pot lid); 2 piece grill/grate and gripper handle. The 3" deep cooking pot is shown on the fire grate inside the base of the Large Kettle. The Accessory Kit for the Large Kettle does not fit the Small Kettle, which has its own Kit, comprised of a cooking pot (16 fl oz / 0.45 L capacity, 4" diam); frying pan (pot lid); 2 piece grill/grate and gripper handle.

A stainless steel folding Pot Support is now available. This fits both sizes of kettle. It supports a pot above the chimney, thus utilizing even more of the heat coming from the burning fuel. When folded it can be stowed inside the chimney. (Please note that the Pot Support is only available as a separate item: it is not included in either of the Accessory Kits.)

Made in Ireland.

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Overall Rating
  • Great Stuff

    Oly, 2/20/2015 Used one of these for several years now. Easy to get going, starts with 2 or 3 TP squares, no matter how wet is outside. Just the wood chips around a regular fire pit or a handful of dry twigs is all it takes. Light it and put the kettle on the base to protect fire from rain. Once a small fire is going, throw pine cones in and stand back. Will look like a blow torch out the top. Very fast boiling and all fits in a nice bag. Look at the weights, Might as well get the large stainless one for the durability and capacity. Its all I use anymore.
  • Great Cookware

    Al, 1/16/2015 Seems very well made. Can make hot water quickly. And speeds up prepping a meal a lot quicker. Very pleased over all with this set up / purchase. Another bonus is lite weight for having to hike in /back backing.
  • Welcome Extra

    Al, 1/16/2015 Makes cooking out a lot easier. Is well made , lite weight , and helps keeping Kettle more functional to be able to do more.
  • Something Missing?

    Larry K, 2/10/2014 Looking at your picture and description, the accessory kit seems to be missing the pot holder that goes on top of the chimney, although you can get one for $5. Otherwise, the price is right--especially with reduced shipping. I am thinking about it because I could make that pot holder out of some scrap tin. I will call it my pot falls on ground" pot holder. I just wonder if Garrett or Wade forgot to show the little gadget. Also, if you can't make little sticks catch fire, then you had better stay home.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Foul Weather Kettle and Accessory Kit. We believe you may be referring to an accessory (which we do not carry) that sits on top of the kettle, with fold out arms for heating a mug of coffee, etc.  To avoid confusion, we have amended our description of this item. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. "
  • Suggestion for Marlene

    thomas23daly, 2/9/2014 I intend to buy the large kettle but have not yet done so, and so cannot review its performance per se. My advice to others, however, is to use solid fuel tablets (e.g. Esbit, Coughlan) rather than relying on twigs, dry leaves, or whatever. The tablets don't require much fire starting experience (if any); and rainy or snowy conditions likely will make twigs and and such too wet for any sort of fire. Convenience has its place here, too, since pulling a fuel tab from a bag or pocket sure beats scouring the underbrush for its equivalent.
  • Kelly's Kettle Simple and Effective

    Charlie, 2/24/2013 It really works as advertised. All I needed was some paper, small twigs and dried leaves and I had boiling water in no time. I only wish now I had bought the larger kettle.
  • Measurements

    Gail Rendle, 11/4/2012 This is probably a wonderful unit and I do not disparage it. However, saying that 1½ pints is equal to about 3 large mugs", is misleading at best. A large mug holds 10 to 12 oz. A pint and a half is equal to 24 oz., so the best you can do is 2 large mugs "and change", not 3.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Foul Weather Kettle. We are in the process of changing the text for this item on our website to reflect a more accurate description of how much the kettle will hold which, according to our technician, is about 22 ounces. Again, thank you for your observation."
  • Classic Cooking because classics work!

    Miata94M, 12/9/2010 I can't wait to go camping! I want to be the first one up so I can make coffee with this classic tool. Then I'll be onto a quick egg and bacon. I bet I can have it cleaned up before everyone else gets up!
  • Fire Starting

    Marlene, 9/15/2009 I've demonstrated this kettle on two canoe camping trips. Everyone is very impressed. The one drawback is that you need to be an experienced fire starter to get this to work. Once the fire is going, it is amazing how fast the water boils.
  • Awesome kettle

    Kerry, 4/16/2009 I will repeat, this is an awesome kettle. Simple, easy to use, and will burn a variety of fuels. It will boil water very quickly. These kettles are made in Ireland, and are of excellent quality.
  • Ingenious

    Wakanda, 4/15/2009 The Large Foul Weather Kettle boils water quickly with a small amount of kindling in many types of weather conditions. The chimney provides a great draft to burn even moist wood once a flame gets started. Intelligent design, quality construction, a great tool that I depend upon for hot water.
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