Four-Level Stainless Steel Storage Bins

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Clearance Four-Level Stainless Steel Storage Bins
They have a multitude of uses
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39B04.01 4-Level Stainless Box

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39B04.10 Pair Of Stainless Boxes

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Here is a practice that was unique to Asia but is disappearing rapidly in the face of modern living. These lunch boxes are made of several nesting levels. One level was intended for soup, another for rice, another for some meat, and so on.

However, you will find they have a lot of other uses, as they can store screws, washers or nails, or perhaps a variety of different colored furniture waxes, one in each level. In short: anything that is a little bulky, but that you need a convenient way to store and carry around. Each level is approximately 5-1/4" in diameter and 2" deep.

You may have seen these elsewhere at a much lower price. We have too. The low cost ones are quite inferior for several reasons: low quality material (often not stainless), and poor fit - so that levels do not nest easily and are difficult to close easily. Ours is worth a little extra cost because it is professionally made by a food service equipment maker with years of experience.

You'll find a hundred uses for these, so we have a special price for a set of two. (Labels pictured are not included.) Imported.

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