French Art Deco Pro Hair Scissors

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French Art Deco Pro Hair Scissors
Classic design with modern elements from France
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02B13.05 5-1/2" Art Deco Scissors

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02B13.60 Two 5-1/2" Art Deco Scissors

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These hand-worked forgings were originally made exclusively for a famous French hair stylist. Discovered in 2010, there weren't enough (only several hundred sets) for standard market channels, but a respected colleague in France persuaded the factory that Garrett Wade would be an ideal customer.So we now have a limited quantity of these beautiful, classic art-deco style scissors, carefully hand finished, polished and sharpened with microteeth - a feature of the finest haircutting scissors. 5-1/2" long overall. Suitable for a variety of applications - including hair cutting. These are undeniably lovely tools rarely found these days.

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  • Great Hair Clippers

    Gene Szuch, 11/17/2014 The Art Deco hair clippers are beautifully made and extremely smooth. They are a work of art both artistically and mechanically. The advertising doesn't do them justice.
  • RT2

    Bob, 1/27/2014 The design is beautiful, and they're great scissors. I had to have a pair.
  • Works of art in form & function

    Peter, 3/2/2013 Being a fan of ergonomics and industrial design, the design of these scissors caught my eye. I figured I would purchase them for desk use at my office but was blown away when opened them. They are really top of the line styling shears, the kind which typically run over $100. I could not bring myself to destroy them cutting paper at my desk, so I surrendered them to the wife to trim the kids bangs.
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