French Made Nail Trimmer

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French Made Nail Trimmer
Stylish, beautifully made, weighs nothing
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We stumbled across these clippers at the last minute and were taken by their clean and elegant construction. Best for fingernails. Very exact and precise. Comes with a wallet. Length closed, 2-3/8", open 4-1/4". Weight 3/4 oz. (including wallet).

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Overall Rating
  • Much better than the standard nail clippers.

    Corey, 3/5/2016 These clippers are sharp and much easier to use than the standard nail clippers. With these, I can trim my nails in about half the time. It is a well built and precisely tuned instrument that I expect to use for years to come.
  • French made nail trimmer

    Louis Vitari, 3/3/2016 Wonderful nail trimmer, slim easy to carry and very well constructed.
  • Well made clipper, needs more power

    Howard P, 3/3/2016 While it is a well made clipper, it lacks the mechanical advantage I was expecting, or that you find on the traditional U.S. made "Trim"
  • Good product

    Eleanor, 3/3/2016 Like the compactness. Being in a case makes it great to carry in a purse or travel case. Takes getting use to having the metal cover extend out the end and sometimes gets in the way. Cuts well
  • Beautiful and precise nail clipper

    Stacy C., 3/3/2016 Beautiful and elegant nail clipper. Well made and precise. Only thing I would prefer is that the file have a sharper point than it does, to help with digging under nails a little more.
  • Worth Every Penny - and More.

    Robert M, 10/13/2015 This is an extremely precise and well made nail clipper. Elegant and stylish, it's also very sharp. Even the leather case oozes elegance. My regret? That I only bought one, not two.
  • The Best Fingernail Clipper

    Mike, 9/14/2015 I owned a similar pair of these from a different company for nearly 15 years. They were awesome! I went back to the same company and they have an inferior model. I was excited to see that Garret Wade sells the high quality ones the other company said are no longer made. When I received these (I ordered 2), I was happy to see they're almost identical to my old ones. The material they're made out of seems stronger. I had left my old ones in rubbing alcohol overnight to be disinfected. They rusted and broke. I don't see this happening with these, but That's why I ordered the second just in case. They cut through finger and toenails well. I highly recommend.
  • Great Trimmer

    Merv, 8/14/2015 The trimmer does a great job of cutting and filing nails but also doesn't unfold and get coins stuck in it like the carnival class trimmers. If I just firmly push the trimmer into leather pouch it stays there. Just pinch the seams at the bottom of the pouch and the trimmer falls right out.
  • Great Trimmer

    Merv, 8/14/2015 The trimmer does a great job of cutting and filing nails but also doesn't unfold and get coins stuck in it like the carnival class trimmers. If I just firmly push the trimmer into leather pouch it stays there. Just pinch the seams at the bottom of the pouch and the trimmer falls right out.
  • Excellent Product

    Vincent Grogan, 7/7/2015 This is a very designed clipper. Strong, but light. Very, very sharp and makes crisp cuts.
  • Very Nice Little Clipper

    Jonathan, 6/6/2015 If you are a person who appreciates fine, precision tools, then this is the clipper for you. It cuts very nicely, has precision ground cutting surfaces and includes a nice little case. You won't be disappointed.
  • Great Nails!

    Maria V Garcia, 3/13/2015 I have this clipper in my purse, the size is perfect for it and works great. Like its shape too.
  • No Ordinary Nail Trimmer

    Christopher Bianco, 1/25/2015 These certainly are not your neighborhood pharmacy purchased nail trimmer. I wanted a trimmer with power and sharp cutters and this trimmer gets the job done. Only reason it's not a five is that the file can tend to get in the way and if it were longer you could get a better grip on the tool.
  • A Travel Essential

    Bruce McAra, 1/24/2015 These are a great travel accessory. Small yet big enough and their flat profile when cleverly stowed make them perfect! They are well engineered and extremely precise.
  • Poor Quality

    Number13, 11/21/2014 This Item may be acceptable for trimming a baby's nails but it is too flimsy to trim an adult male's nails. If you have normal to thick nails this trimmer will not work. If you have very thin nails it may work for you.
  • Nail Trimmer

    George, 8/22/2014 Excellent quality.
  • Well Made

    Alan, 8/7/2014 This is a very well made and extremely functional trimmer - looking forward to many years of use.
  • It Really Works

    Dewain Delp, 8/2/2014 This device works for toenails too. Be a little careful as it cuts flesh just as easily.
  • Excellent for the Money

    Harry, 7/7/2014 Well, I've been carrying a pair of these for the last 40 years. The first pair came as a gift from my brother and went with me everywhere. These WERE marked INOX (Stainless Steel) and MADE IN FRANCE. They were fantastic! I lost them when deployed in Gulf 1" in 1990, and bought another pair, made in France, and they were terrible! The cutting jaws were mis-aligned, and they just did not do the job. Being a gunsmith, I filed on them, and got them to work. THEN: I found Garrett Wade, and bought a pair from here. FANTASTIC! Not polished like a mirror like my first pair, but they worked like a dream. The second "Made in France" set went into the trash. I'm heading back to the middle east as a contractor, and am buying a back-up set to take with me. These are the "real deal!"
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner July 2014 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Harry!!
  • Not sure that it is made in France

    Rose, 7/3/2014 I have 'similar' one that I bought more than 20 years ago. Unlike the old one, there is no inscription in INOX that says 'Made in France'. It is not as sharp as the old one and the filing is not as good. In Amazon, INOX is inscripted 'made in Germany'????

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the French Made Nail Trimmers. We can assure you that this item was indeed made in France.
  • Compact and Sturdy

    Nathan Solomon, 4/24/2014 These clippers are sharp and curved to match the curve of the finger nail.
  • Excellent

    Don, 2/1/2014 The BEST
  • Bought a Second One

    Frank C., 1/24/2014 Very good clippers. Misplaced once...decided to get a second one in case I really lost them.
  • Lunch Box

    Kurt S, 12/28/2013 Very handy keep one in me lunch box.
  • Not as good as it used to be

    David Cortes, 11/10/2013 I have had an inox french nail clipper for 20 years, although the cutter works fine the file does not compare,it barely finishes the nail properly. Seems as if were subcontracted to an Asian company.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the French Made Nail Trimmer. We apologize that you are not fully satisfied. Please feel free to return it for a refund. We can assure you that it is still made in France and that “Inox” is a synonym in French for stainless steel – it is not a brand name.
  • Amazing!

    Eileen K Hanhauser, 7/4/2013 French Made Nail Trimmer: When I opened the package I had misgivings due to the light weight...not a problem! Easy to handle, easy to carry and does a professional cut!
  • The Best Nail Trimmer - Period

    Richard E. Blair, 7/1/2013 At my age, I have tried a myriad of trimmers over the years and found these to be the very best in every significant way. They are sharp, precise, compact and convenient, so when I found that you carry them, and at the best price anywhere, I was delighted to be able to replace the ones I had just lost. Thank you.
  • Stealth Clipper

    Sarah, 6/29/2013 This nail trimmer has a low profile, so I added it to my traveling toiletry arsenal. It folds flat and takes up little space. I carried it through airport security about a dozen times and it hasn't been confiscated yet. It earns high marks just for that. Sometimes it slides out of its sheath in my bag, but it's compact and doesn't suffer any damage rolling around inside. It doesn't have as much leverage as conventional nail trimmers, so it might struggle to cut really gnarly talons, but it works fine on my fingers and toenails. A simple accessory that makes my life easier.
  • French Clippers

    Terry, 12/28/2012 I owned one of these clippers since 2000 when I bought one in a French Pharmacy in Paris. Used it for 10 years, then it came up missing. I searched the internet for a replacement and all I could find was $35 - $105 plus shipping to replace my favorite nail clippers. Then I spotted them in your catalog and was elated! I bought 2 pair just in case and love them. At $20 a pair, I consider these a best buy" item. Thank you for offering these at such a reasonable price. Terry :)"
  • Sleek & Functional

    Alexandra, 12/28/2012 I purchased these nail clippers because i was tired of using the ones i could buy at the drugstore - they would get blunt and so sometimes you have to cut twice. These clippers are excellent - nice and small and slim to carry in your bag or for travel, and pouch is excellent idea to protect the cutting edges. Easy to hold and trim your nails and it is a very sleek looking tool.
  • Nail Trimmer

    Tim, 11/29/2012 I am impressed with the simplicity and the quality.
  • Unexpected...

    Sonny, 3/7/2012 As I was saying, unexpected from a tool company, but what a find. Well made and perfect for the traveler. I would definitely recommend.
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