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French Polishing Supplies
French Polish is a highly refined technique of applying shellac to wood after first carefully and completely filling the wood's pores - meticulously building up an absolutely flat surface to produce a beautiful finish of cat's-eye depth and incomparable luster. Garrett Wade has assembled the finest premium quality components with which to achieve the best results. A premium paste furniture wax is all that's needed to maintain and protect the lustrous finish.

Liberon (UK) Premium Dry Shellac in 4 grades: Button Shellac will produce a golden brown French polish; Garnet Shellac Flakes produce a dark, rich brown and Lemon Shellac Flakes a pale golden polish. Blonde Dewaxed Shellac Flakes produce an almost transparent French polish finish. Package of 8.8 oz. each.

Bekhol is a proprietary solvent combining ethanol and isobutanol (99 anhydrous ethyl alcohol) blended specifically as a dissolving medium for dry shellac flakes. Do not use common wood alcohol (methanol) as it will cause shellac to turn brittle. Also be wary of "common" shellac solvents as they often contain higher methanol and water content which keeps the shellac from drying fully. Shellac cut with Bekhol has a long shelf life if kept cool, in the dark or in a dark plastic or glass container. Please note: Behkol can only be shipped by ground.

Pumice Stone is an abrasive that is mixed with oil, and worked into wood to create a slurry of fine sawdust. With repeated passes of circular motions, the slurry is worked into the pores of the wood. First the 2F grade, and then the much finer 4f grade is used to fill even large pores. Will not leave white residue in pores like some paste fillers. 1 lb.

Rottenstone, an even finer abrasive, is mixed with oil and used once the pores are filled as a final polish to knock down any hairs or bumps and make the surface perfectly flat in preparation for the shellac. 1 lb.

Blue Label Paste Wax is a superb balanced blend of waxes including Carnuba and pure Gum Spirits Turpentine. Will buff to a high luster, it is all you need to maintain a beautiful French Polish finish. Behlen's top-of-the-line furniture wax. 1 lb.

Briwax Original Clear (16 fl oz can) a premium toluene-free natural wax from the UK. It has a very fast drying time and some very useful cleaning properties.

Renaissance Wax (in a 1/2 lb. 200 mL can) also comes from England. It has a fine medium luster, dries virtually instantly and will never show finger marks. For a wax, it is extremely moisture resistant, and is glass-clear and pH neutral - which is why it is the standard at the British Museum for a wide variety of historic items, not just wood. Its main ingredient as a base is a petroleum-based microcrystalline wax. Use sparingly.

NOTE: Due to impending laws on air quality control and other health concerns, these items have been restricted from shipping to California.
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