French Split Leather Side

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French Split Leather Side
its "1/2 cow" size gives you plenty to work with
Grown & Made in France
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38A02.06 French Split Leather Side

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Cut from a single piece of French cowhide, this is one half of the entire hide – properly called a “Side”. It is suede-soft and finished in a beautiful tan/gold color. The thickness is about 1/16" and is sized a minimum of 24 x 50" overall – almost 8-½ sq. ft. France is world famous for the quality of its leather work.

This “Side” is produced in France as part of that premium quality tradition. There is enough material here for a huge variety of uses – for example, as a whole sheet use it as protection for a large work surface like a bench top, or cut it up to make tool rolls, work aprons, elbow patches etc. – actually, anything out of soft suede-style leather you can dream up. Your imagination and family needs will be your guide. Because it is a natural product, occasional random marking or a rare “rough” spot should be tolerated.

We also carry several first-rate shears that excel at cutting this type of leather. The Leather Scissors are excellent for leather-only work. The Heavy-Duty Textile Scissors are also superb and will do double duty.
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