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A medium size is often the handiest
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The tools you use should be sized so that they can be moved around and handled efficiently. A larger than necessary cutter (shears) may superficially seem to be the way to go, but can be cumbersome and actually harder to use. This very nice cutter is 7-3/4 overall with a 2" blade. The handle contains a variety of handy accessories.

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  • Nice Tool, Could Use Improvement

    JM, 5/27/2015 Work very well. Ron's review (below) must have been before they added a spring which holds the pruners open. Slight wobble to the pruner head, but for this price it's acceptable. The tool is large, however. I wear men's L gloves and the tool, when pruning, fits between the last (tip-most) joints of my fingers and thumb. There's also enough room in the handles for another blade, indicating the tool could be smaller. The grips are round and smooth, which is less than ideal. I wouldn't want to do a lot of pruning at one go with this tool. But to carry it around to deal with the odd sucker or low branch, or dead vine segment, one notices while doing other things in the garden it's a good tool to have. The wood grips are attractive, but I'd recommend replacing them with thinner polymer grips featuring some ridges or non-slip texturing. These polymer grips could be thinner/narrower, and just molded to flare up into the existing grips' joins without modifying much about the tool.
  • Indispensable

    Steve Hooper, 3/30/2015 I've used a generic multi-tool" for years after having received one years ago through the National Home and Garden Club as a lifetime member. I have always found them indispensable for all of the "odds and ends" jobs that pop up any time I'm in my yard. The ones that I have had, prior to purchasing one through Garrett Wade, always seemed a little cheap, light, and easily broken. The Multi-tool from Garrett Wade is completely the opposite. The first thing I noticed was the weight and structure of the multi-tool. It is substantially more rugged and sharper, than any of the others I've purchased. The quality of the tool is unsurpassed for form and function. When I'm using a gardening tool day after day, and season after season, I want it to be rugged, functional, and refined. The multi-tool from Garrett Wade fits the bill. I like mine so much, I bought one for my brother-in-law."
  • Rugged Garden Multi-Tool

    Ronald Rieger, 12/2/2014 This multi-tool is very well made and will be very useful for our gardeners here at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Good strong tool and looks very good too.
  • Awkward

    Gary, 11/12/2014 I have bought many fine tools from Garrett Wade. This is a well made tool; but ergonomically it is not good. I have a large hand and it is still hard to use with one hand. The handle is too slippery and must be opened to wide to grasp a larger stem to cut. This is why it take two hands to use it efficiently.
  • Great Tool For Small Hands

    Joe Turner, 12/10/2013 My wife loves this tool. It fits her hands perfectly for trimming plants in her garden. The nail notches are hard to get. Improve that and it would be a 5"."
  • Garden Snippers

    Ron, 7/20/2013 Although the tool is of good quality, the snipers do not work very well. There is nothing to hold them open, so it is for the most part a two handed operation to cut anything much larger than a quarter of an inch. Just not a very functional product at any price.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for posting a review on the Garden Multi-Tool. We are sorry to hear that they were not satisfactory. It is quite possible that they may be defective. Please send them back for a replacement, or if you wish , a full refund. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Compact but difficult

    Don Erman, 1/5/2013 There are many folding multi-tools on the market but almost none that incorporate garden clippers such as the Garden Multi-Tool. I have looked for years for a replacement of one I lost. The Garrett Wade tool has similar advantages and disadvantages to my old one. It is compact when folded and in its nylon scabbard, which is its main virtue. All the tools are of hard stainless steel and should hold up (some inexpensive multi-tools bend out of shape easily.) But three of the four tools enclosed in the handles close below the finger dents so they can't be exposed by fingernail and must be pried out from their sharp tips. When opened for garden clipping, the extension of the handles is a bit too wide to comfortably fit my hands and thus, I must use the tips of my fingers for leverage. The clipping blades are sharp but are not set properly to cut fine or fibrous material (like dried grass) and thus, repeatedly jam. Nevertheless, I wanted a compact, folding, hard steel garden clipper; and that's what I got.
  • Perfect helper

    Kent, 1/1/2013 Well balanced tool. Very handy to carry, heavy enough to get the job done done without wearing you out lugging it around.
  • Must Have

    James Montgomery, 12/31/2012 This is a must have tool for gardeners. When walking around the garden or citrus trees I always find some plant that needs a little care. This tool is excellent for those little touch ups. It feels a little bulky at first but it soon becomes very comfortable to carry and easy to use.
  • Everything you need

    Bryan J., 12/30/2012 Pruner, root cutter, small saw and two useful blade -- all in one convenient, attractive tool. Balances well, easy to open and fits easily in a working jacket pocket. What more can you ask of a garden/hothouse tool?
  • Mother's Day Gift

    Dean Kypke, 5/8/2012 Great tool for the gardener in the family. A bit stiff to start but was easily loosened up.
  • Small tool packs a big punch

    Jeff, 4/19/2012 This multi-tool is an amateur gardener's delight. It's smaller than one might expect but much heavier, which indicates the quality of the tool. Switching from the little loppers to the small but sharp saw blade, for instance, is a breeze--and having all these tools in the same compact place at the same time has proven to be invaluable. Clean off each tool before folding it up, and trapped dirt inside the handles isn't as much of a problem as you might think. Highly recommended for taking care of small maintenance jobs.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner April 2012 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Jeff!!"
  • Excellent tool

    Jeffrey Schiffman, 12/13/2011 I gave the garden multi tool to my friend who is a master gardener. He fell in love with the multi-tool. It's the perfect size to carry and work in my garden". "
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