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Garrett Wade Yankee Push Drill
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Garrett Wade Yankee Push Drill

A superb shop & on-site installation tool
Uses the original double fluted bit design

Stock Number Item Description Availability Price Order Qty
69P01.01 Garrett Wade Push Drill
In Stock $69.50  
69P01.02 Spare Set Of 8 Bits
In Stock $24.95  
69P01.08 Pack of 3 Repl. Bits (5/64")
In Stock $12.50  
69P01.07 Pack of 3 Repl. Bits (3/32")
In Stock $12.50  
69P01.09 Pack of 3 Repl. Bits (7/64")
In Stock $12.50  
69P01.06 Pack of 3 Repl. Bits (1/16")
In Stock $12.50  
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Remember the classic Yankee Push Drill that was once found in every shop and every jobsite tool bag? Made by Stanley for decades until they dropped it about 15 years ago, it was made of chrome-plated solid brass, and beautifully finished. Now we have had it custom-made for Garrett Wade.

This is a beautiful, fast-working, and very special tool, made of the same materials and furnished with original double fluted bits. Every woodworker should have one of these in his or her "quiver" because it is so useful. As you push down, the bit rotates clockwise, cutting the hole, When you stop pushing, the handle springs up and the bit rotates in the other direction - essentially self-clearing.

The bits are stored in the top of the handle and are easy to access. Just slip the size you want (any one of eight - 1/16, 5/64, 3/32, 7/64, 1/8, 9/64, 5/32, 11/64") into the collet chuck, put the drill tip on the surface and push. Makes a hole up to 1-1/2" deep. The entire mechanism is protected inside the steel cover. Incidentally, if you have an old Stanley Push Drill, our Spare Set of 8 Bits should fit it.

We also now stock replacement bits (3 each pack) of the four most popular (and fragile) of the smaller bits. (Note: These are more expensive to make than the larger bits.)

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5  - 
Compatible Bit Set For Yankee Driver #41
Reviewed By:   (State College, PA) 
Bits work very well with my step father's old Yankee driver #41. I don't know what became of the original bits, but it doesn't matter as these work very well.

1  - 
Reviewed By:   (Salt Lake City, Utah) 
I ordered the 8 piece replacement drill bits for the yankee push drill. I was lead to believe that the bits would fit the older model stanley yankee push drills. I was very disappointed to find out that these bits do not fit the older drills and feel that I should not have to pay the $10 return shipping fee.

5  - 
Reviewed By:   (Kernersville, NC) 
I was raised by my grandfather who was a cabinet maker. Many of my happiest memories were sitting in his shop watching him persuade long pieces of stiff straight grained lumber into smooth curved works of art. At his side were several Yankee push drills from 12" to 36". I use this push drill every chance I get it connects me to the material and the project, it's what "hand-made" is all about.

5  - 
Useful Tool
Reviewed By:   (De Forest, WI) 
I purchased this tool to replace the ancient one that I can no longer find bits for. I use this to drill pilot holes in aluminum and find that this is capable of easily going through 1/8" aluminum sheets. I also like the fact that the bits have a socketed base that keeps them from turning in the chuck.

5  - 
Best Drill For Installing Screws
Reviewed By:   (Wilseyville, CA) 
I have used the Stanley Push Drill most of my life for drilling pilot holes for wood screws, and an occasional clearance hole. That drill with it's stored bits, and a medium sized Yankee 130 screwdriver (once you learn how not to gouge your fingers) make it foolish to carry a portable drill, bits etc. This is a great tool like so many that Stanley has dropped because stupid people don't know how to use them. It is a shame that the old Stanley tools are not in production any more, I probably have a list of 50-60 that cannot be replaced by any thing on the market. If you don't have a push drill, get on you will love it. By the way, that gentleman demonstrating the tool in the video either came close or actually did drill through the workpiece into the bench, shame on him!

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