Geometric Construction Kits
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A small, innovative company in Oregon, finding inspiration in everything from Plato to Buckminster Fuller, applies the hands-on approach to learning to a variety of mathematical concepts and structures in their 3D Construction Kits. In a fun, imaginative way, these geometric kits illustrate the kinds of things many kids find hard to learn just from a textbook, and make complicated concepts easily accessible. As any parent knows, once your kid gets it", learning becomes fun.

FUN being the key. Kids absorb these like sponges and never know they are picking up knowledge, aptitude and understanding along the way. It's an ideal way for children, young adults and parents to work together - each kit has something for everyone. And because they glow in the dark, the models tend to hang around kids' rooms after completion, inspiring future engineering endeavors.

Plato's Glo-Mobile Kit makes 5 geometric shapes while illustrating basic concepts found in geometry, trigonometry, chemistry and physics. The Star & Sphere Kit makes 2 slightly more complicated shapes, one of which is shown in the picture. Complete instructions and activities booklet are included in each kit.
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