German Convex-Edge Axes
You know how fine crystal glassware rings when you tap it with your fingernail. Well that is what the heads of these Bavarian axes do when you tap them - a 'ping....' that gradually fades, just like crystal. What does that tell you? The fact is that these are finely tempered and highly tuned cutting tools that will last a lifetime.

The convex edge, which can only be found in Bavarian or Austrian axes (or Norse axes, but that's another story) is a top notch cutting instrument made by an extraordinary smith. The long circumference of the head (a full 6") provides a longer striking surface than other axes and therefore helps ensure that you will strike solid wood with your swing. And the head is forged to be slightly thicker just behind the leading cutting edge but thins out slightly afterwards, thus reducing "wedging" pressure and enhancing penetration. This is a beautiful detail and allows exceptional performance. This firm is 350 years old (yes, that's right - 11 generations) and works hand in glove with a wagon maker who makes the hickory handles by hand.

The limbing axe is 25" and weighs 3 lbs. The Felling Axe is 29" and weighs 4-1/4 lbs. Uniquely, the poll (the butt end opposite from the cutting edge) of the Felling Axe is tempered so that this tool can also be used as a striking Maul. (This is not true for the smaller Limbing Axe.) There's little more to say except that the handles are exceedingly comfortable to hold. These are a bit expensive, but you'll love them.

The USA-made Leather Sheath fits either axe.
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