German Forest Axe

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German Forest Axe
Hand-forged & simply indestructible
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19A03.01 German Forest Axe

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The exceptionally well-made German Forest Axe (27” long, 2-3/4 lb. head) is a perfectly sized tool for most tasks commonly called for in the woodlot (limbing felled trees), on the trail (clearing small trees & thicket) and around the campsite. The axe is built for decades of rough use with an extra-robust American hickory handle protected at the neck (the area most prone to damage) by a 3-1/2” wide steel collar. Overall weight is 5-1/2 lb.

Expertly hand-forged and hardened, the superior quality tool steel head is secured to the haft by a triple-wedge design (one hardwood wedge with two steel rings) that is unique in our long experience selling first-class European axes. The result is, for all practical purposes, an indestructible and very handy cutting axe.

Produced in Germany for the forestry and construction industries, and distributed widely to the military, the Forest Axe is prized for its distinctive, masterfully forged surfaces, exactingly beveled, hardened and hand-honed cutting edge and for its exceptional durability – the very attributes that define truly great value in an axe. Highly recommended.

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  • Wonderful tool!

    Byron Richard Garcia, 3/30/2017 I have used many types of axes and other than getting used to a slightly shorter length I love the guard and the weight of the axe!
  • Better than I thought it would be

    Jason Anderson, 9/23/2016 I've been collecting and restoring axes for a while now and have seen and bought a lot of handles. The handle on this axe is very dense and good quality with excellent grain orientation. It is shaped well and is not your average store-bought handle and is not covered with laminate which makes for a nice smooth handle and easier to swing without getting blisters. The handle also seems I have already been coated with linseed oil which is very nice they also did a nice job on engraving the handle and it is aesthetically pleasing. The only thing I would prefer would be maybe another inch and a half in the length of the handle however it makes for a good backpacking axe because of the length. The metal handle guard up at the top is attached very well and it's not loose by any means. The head of the axe is a high quality Steel with a very good temper to it it holds an edge very well. The edge is it very well ground and sharpened unlike many other axes where you have to re sharpen them yourself Straight Out of the Box. This website does not mention the blade length however it measures about five and a half inches. The head of the axe is also hung very well on the handle and is not going to come loose on you. For the price of this axea you're getting a very good quality product and you're paying your half the price you would for other manufacturers for the same quality. I would highly recommend this product if you need a good camping axe backpacking axe or just a daily Chopper.
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