Traditional German Mattock

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New Traditional German Mattock
A versatile & traditional 2-in-1 garden tool
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54A03.06 Traditional German Mattock

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The robust, shock absorbing ash handles and solid forged Steel head of this 2-in-1 tool allow you to switch quickly and efficiently from one type of cut to the next without breaking stride.The Hoe end is a heavy chopper edge that will bite into and loosen dirt and pull rocks, while the Axe side is great for cutting through roots, vines, and other gnarly materials. This is a very traditional-style tool for serious garden work, and is ideal when wrestling with combinations of earth, roots, stumps, etc.

Head ships packed flat, and is easily assembled. (Instructions included)

42” L Overall, Head: 15 ½” L (each blade 7” L); Hoe Blade: 4 ¾” W; Axe Blade 5 ¼” W
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