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German Yankee Red Cap Screwdriver
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German Yankee Red Cap Screwdriver

Solid construction, precision operation
Exclusive Overstock Special

Stock Number Item Description Availability Price Sale Price Order Qty
67A02.01 Yankee-Style Red Cap Screwdriver
Item No Longer Available $42.50 $28.95  
16S01.01 102 Hex Bit Set
In Stock $22.50  
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Our Red Cap Yankee Screwdriver is an extremely well built tool – hold the rotating spiral barrel close to your ear and slowly turn to hear the tick-tick-tick clockwork precision. Made in Germany for a well known American client with exacting standards, this Yankee-style Screwdriver is constructed of nickel-plated stainless steel and comes with 3 double-end bits stored in the handle (twist off the cherry-red cap to access the bits). Featuring a modern ¼” hex chuck, the screwdriver is usable with any standard ¼” hex bit. Shown here with our popular 102 Piece 1/4” Hex Driver Bit Set. This is a rare One-Time-Deal made possible by a fluke inventory overage that we became aware of, and we’re fortunate to be able to offer this limited stock to you at a great price. Happy holidays!

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Overall Rating :5 
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4  - 
Nice, With A Few Small Flaws.
Reviewed By:   (Denver, CO) 
This tool has a hefty, high-quality feel. All the moving parts are smooth and tight (and there are a lot of moving parts.) The helical tracks on the shaft are particularly important for Yankee screwdrivers, and these are nicely machined and slick. But the fact that it takes hex bits is the real payoff. It lets you use cheap and ubiquitous hex shaft screwdriver tips, drill bits, etc. I do have a few minor quibbles. One is the bit storage, which is inside the handle, with a screw-on cap. Since the cap forms the butt of the handle, and since you press against the butt of the handle when you use this tool, every time you remove a bit, you have to replace the cap and screw it down all the way before you can use it. An outboard rubber collar would have been handier. Second, the bit collet doesn't work as I expected. You tighten it by screwing the black knurled collar, like a pin vise or an old fashioned drill chuck with chuck key. Since this drill has a ratcheting action, the three-way switch has to be set to the right setting in order for you to turn the black collar, or else it will just spin. Since you have to loosen and tighten the collar every time you change bits, that means a lot of flicking that switch (you can set it to the center setting, which will keep the shaft from turning in either direction, but it is oddly hard to hit that center section. The detent isn't very positive.) I guess this is more disappointing because I expected the collet to have a slide lock, where you slide the black collar back to release the bit. Oh well. Lastly, I wish the free-spinning silver metal collar were a bit bigger. You need to hold the drill steady against the workpiece or screw as you push with the other hand. As it is, it is possible to for your fingers to rub against the spinning black collar, which adds resistance and might abrade your finger or glove. But other than those minor issues. It is a great tool, and very impressive to those uninitiated to Yankee awesomeness

5  - 
Yankee Screwdriver
Reviewed By:   (Moore, OK) 
Works great. Very happy with this screwdriver.

5  - 
The Right Tool
Reviewed By:   (Greenbrae, California) 
I remembered my father’s reciprocating screwdriver from almost fifty years ago, it was my favorite tool in his tool chest! Alas, I lost track of that tool many years ago, and have never found a replacement until now. As electronics and high capacity lithium ion batteries have proliferated, there are other go to tools in my personal quiver these days, but when I saw the German Yankee Red Cap Screwdriver in the Garrett Wade catalogue, I immediately got one for my brother and myself. At this price, why not give it a try? I was not disappointed; it was everything I remembered, and more, as it was much easier to change the bits. This handy screwdriver has proved itself invaluable while doing an apartment remodel, removing electrical face plates, dogging down terminals on new switches and outlets, reinstalling the switches and outlets – tasks that my battery powered impact wrench was too much (not to mention loud, troublesome and heavy). I have used my Yankee for some small appliance repair projects, again where a powered driver may over torque delicate parts, and it was awesome! My plumber borrowed it while replacing a disposal and raved about it – he’s got one now too! Once you have it, you’ll wonder how you worked without it. As dad would say, “the right tool for the job…”
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5  - 
German Yankee Red Cap Screwdriver
Reviewed By:   (Elyria, Ohio) 
I Have not used this screwdriver yet. I used to use one all the time. Have not seen one in years. It's great for fast drilling and driving.

5  - 
The Olde Yankee Drill
Reviewed By:   (Corvallis, Oregon) 
It's back. The same good old Yankee drill I used to have years ago. Works like a champ. The new chuck is really outstanding! The Bit set has everything you will ever need for every kind of screw head.

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