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Gerstner International Large Rolling Cabinet
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Gerstner International Large Rolling Cabinet

A perfect companion for the Large Chest and its Accessory Base

Stock Number Item Description Availability Price Sale Price Order Qty
96M01.05 Gerstner Large Rolling Cabinet
Item Currently Unavailable $795.00 $716.00  
96M01.20 Complete Gerstner Set
Backordered $1,492.00 $1,298.50  
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Gerstner & Sons is a famous Ohio firm that has been producing special hardwood chests for a hundred years. Recently, they perfected the manufacture of some of their designs in China, providing their customers with what we at Garrett Wade know to be exceptional values. The Asian production is all sold under the "Gerstner International" brand.

The Large Rolling Cabinet designed by Gerstner now rounds out of set of three mated chests. It hugely increases the storage capacity (adding six much bigger drawers with ball bearing slides, each of which can hold up to 60 lbs., and large 5" diameter rubber wheels (two of these are fully swiveling).

The Rolling Cabinet stands 34" high. With the Large Chest and its accessory Base sitting on it (as shown), overall height is 60". It is available separately for those customers who already have a Large Gerstner Chest. It is shipped by UPS at an extra ground shipping charge of $60 (because of its very large size and weight). The complete set of three pieces - Artisan Chest (96M01.11), Base (96M01.03) and Rolling Cabinet (96M01.05) - is available at a Savings. The Complete Set is shipped by UPS at an extra ground shipping charge of $70 (because of its very large size and weight).
NOTE: This item can not be shipped by air service.

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Customers Ratings and Reviews
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Overall Rating :4 
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4  - 
Some QC Issues
Reviewed By:   (Boston, Masachusetts) 
Four and a half, really. I got the whole 3-piece set. Overall I'm quite happy with it but there are a couple of things, mostly with the base cabinet. Attaching the casters turned out to be a project. Several of the mounting holes had a liberal dose of wood glue in them that I had to chip out of the threads with a pick before I could start. The real eye roller, though, was that with each caster only three of the four mounting holes were usable, the fourth in each case being way off center, even partially covered by the wooden mounting block. The whole thing is sufficiently robust, though, that I'm confident that 3 bolts each will hold up OK. Apart from that, some of the joins on the middle cabinet are noticeably sloppy, with some unfinished wood protruding on the front. Not awful, but could easily have been better. There was some shipping damage to the large cabinet, a small ding dead center in the front, evidently from improper lifting. Not GW's or Gerstner's fault, though, and not enough to get upset over in the big picture. So, if this was the $8,000 Made in USA version I'm sure I'd be more critical, but for the price I'm very pleased.

5  - 
Imported Gerstner
Reviewed By:   (Cincinnati, Ohio) 
I am a member of The Gerstner Owners Club. And I own all 3 pieces to this set. Gerstner is over 100 years old Located in Dayton Ohio. They still make top quality hand made wood chests and many other great products. This "International" product line is their affordable choice for the person wanting the look and protection of wood. I love mine in my home work shop. If you bought this set in a comparable Gerstner "Made In Dayton Ohio" you would pay thousands of dollars. For the money you can't beat this deal.

1  - 
Good Unit / Poor Service
Reviewed By:   (Cody, WY) 
This is a nice looking, addition to anyone shop or craft room. I did have a problem with mine getting beat up in shipping. At first look it did not seem like a tough fix. So I visited with Customer Service, about me fixing the unit for a discount on the price paid. We agreed on a $100 credit on my card and I would just repair it and keep it. Well the damage was a bit more intense then my first thought, but $100 in supplies and 4 days later I had it repaired. I waited a week for the refund to show up, then another 4 days, nothing, I wrote customer service about this, no reply, I let a few more days go by and wrote them again, no reply and no refund so far, So I let it ride another week. I wrote customer service again asking about my refund. No reply no refund as of yet. So sadly a deal which I felt was fair to both parties, was not. Now in an idea situation I would give this 5 stars, even with the agreement I would fix the damage occurred in shipping. But the total lack of customer service, and them going back on their word about the refund will force me to lower that rating considerable

4  - 
Large Rolling Cabinet
Reviewed By:   (Rosharon, Texas) 
The only assembly required was to install the casters. The bolts where almost too short, so this became a very difficult and time consuming task to get them started in the female inserts in the bottom of the cabinet. I finally gave up with the bolts supplied with the cabinet and purchased some bolts that were a 1/4" longer. This really made a big difference in installing the casters. Other than that, the cabinet is a fine piece of cabinetry and the drawers are easily pulled out and pushed in without any sticking.

4  - 
Base Construction
Reviewed By:   (Mountain Home, Idaho) 
Packaging was overwhelming. Three huge boxes. All three pieces were in perfect shape. The construction seems very good, with a few problems. I don't really like the spring opening on the upper chest. The panel falls open if you raise the lid. The base has the same problem. To ensure the cover panel stays in place it must be locked. The cover panels seem to be very loose when opened. Just a one time problem with the rolling base, but a frustrating one. Of the sixteen bolts to be inserted to hold the wheels in place, only three would start. After many tries, I turned the base upside down and discovered that the inserts meant to accept the bolts were covered with about 1/16 in of material, not drilled through. Easy to remedy with a scraper, but this makes me question the overall QUALITY. The Gerstner name makes one think of fine German or Swiss construction, but the MADE IN CHINA label on the box gives one pause. However, time will tell and for the moment I am quite satisfied.

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