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Gerstner Mini Chest Is Perfect For Jewelry & Other Small Valuables
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Gerstner & Sons is a famous Ohio firm that has been producing special hardwood chests for a hundred years. Recently, they perfected the manufacture of some of their designs in China, providing their customers with what we at Garrett Wade know to be exceptional values. The Asian production is all sold under the "Gerstner International" brand.

This special Oak chest is perfectly sized (10" wide, 7-5/8" tall & 5" deep) for those small tools, valuable hobby items and other small valuables that can easily get lost or misplaced. This includes pens and knives for those that have good ones that they value. Needless to say, with its 6 drawers and recess area under the lid, it is perfect for jewelry.

It's compact, it's classy and it's very functional. Plus it's lockable to keep straying fingers out. And we have asked that ours be fitted with a carrying handle so it's very easy to move around.

Certainly a perfect gift for our female friends.

See below for full dimensions.
Overall Dimensions
W - 10"
D - 5"
H - 7-3/4"
Top Compartment
W - 9-1/4"
D - 4-1/4"
H - 1-3/8"
4 Drawers
W - 3-5/8"
D - 3-1/8"
H - 5/8"
1 Drawer
W - 8-1/2"
D - 3-1/8"
H - 7/8"
1 Drawer
W - 8-1/2"
D - 3-1/8"
H - 1-1/8"
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Overall Rating
  • Hobby tools

    Larry, 4/9/2017 A very useful chest for small items for use in my hobby. Nicely made, not the quality of an American made Gerstner, but good. If a similar product were available made in the US, I'd buy it again!
  • My wife uses it as her Jewlery Box

    Stan, 12/16/2016 Cute little thing. Pay attention to the dimensions. It's pricey for it's size. Solid oak wood though. I haven't seen anything like it elsewhere, and unlike the large version I ordered, the lock works and there were no other visible defects.
  • Gerstner Mini Chest

    Gerald Horn, 12/2/2016 I purchased this chest with a certain amount of trepidation: previous experiences with offshore replicas of American-designed products have been disappointing. Not so this time. The chest arrived packaged in a padded box of its own, surrounded by air pillows in a larger box. A close inspection revealed no major flaws in the fit and finish. The drawers have a small amount of play, but, it's no more than might be expected to allow for seasonal expansion of the wood. The quality of the wood and the hardware is much better than I was expecting: the handle, in particular, was a very pleasant surprise. Gerstner has found themselves a capable partner.
  • Gersnter Mini Chest

    Denise Mays, 10/31/2016 A very beautifully made wooden chest. It was smaller than I thought, but it was a perfect purchase for my husband to keep all his special treasures. My 3-year old granddaughter saw it and fell in love with it. I may have to get one for her!
  • Mini Chest

    Bob Perkins, 10/22/2016 This small chest is solid and well made. I have a couple of original Gerstner chests and this one is very similar in construction.
  • Excellent gift for a grandson.

    Robin , 7/6/2016 I purchased this for my Grandson, so he would have a place to keep those collectible items each boy treasures (baseball cards, pocket knives, old watches, marbles, notes from a girl, classmate pictures, etc.).
  • gerstner mini chest

    Erik, 6/21/2016 A very nice chest. Only some countersink screws i have to sink a little bit more.
  • Gerstner Minni Chest

    W.H. Parrish, 5/7/2016 Nice, well made. Makes me think about getting some of the larger ones.
  • Pleasantly Surprised.

    Michael Reynolds, 4/16/2014 While I was not sure what to expect In a mini tool box of this size, I was very pleased with the quality and looks of the tool box. I have been collecting some smaller tools and was looking for something of this size specifically. I am in the process of finishing a basement and will displaying this mini tool box and some of the small tools on an open book shelf.
  • Updated Review

    John Saia, 7/6/2013 Both Garrett Wade and Gerstner-International completely resolved my mini-chest concerns. I am delighted with the especially nice chest, at a great price. As an update to my April 2013 review for this chest, I was contacted by Garrett Wade's Susan who made arrangements for a replacement. Between Gerstner-International and Garrett Wade, they both took my concerns very seriously and went beyond the extra mile on my behalf. I'm very pleased to say I'm a customer for life!

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you so much for posting a follow-up review! It really means a lot to us. We are so happy that everything turned out well and wish you many happy years with the chest! It was our pleasure to be of help.
  • Mini-Chest

    Ernie, 7/1/2013 A perfect little tool box to hold your small projects in style. Well built and so good looking.
  • Nice Chest...A Few Flaws

    John Saia, 4/4/2013 This is a nice Gerstner chest from China. It's a nice small size, useful for your special trinkets, smaller tools, a collection of pocket knives, even jewelry (you could surprise your wife!). The fit and finish are reasonable, however, the gaps among the various drawers and the lid could have been tighter. What really gives it only three starts was my chest had a very noticeable and long gouge on the outside bottom...and it was right next to the sticker that stated, inspected by...", Yeah, shoooore!"
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