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Gerstner Mini Chest
$ 149
Gerstner & Sons is a famous Ohio firm that has been producing special hardwood chests for a hundred years. Recently, they perfected the manufacture of some of their designs in China, providing their customers with what we at Garrett Wade know to be exceptional values. The Asian production is all sold under the "Gerstner International" brand.

This special Oak chest is perfectly sized (10" wide, 7-5/8" tall & 5" deep) for those small tools, valuable hobby items and other small valuables that can easily get lost or misplaced. This includes pens and knives for those that have good ones that they value. Needless to say, with its 6 drawers and recess area under the lid, it is perfect for jewelry.

It's compact, it's classy and it's very functional. Plus it's lockable to keep straying fingers out. And we have asked that ours be fitted with a carrying handle so it's very easy to move around.

Certainly a perfect gift for our female friends.

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