Gerstner Studio Chest

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Gerstner Studio Chest
Justly famous for its beauty and function
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Gerstner & Sons is a famous Ohio firm that has been producing special hardwood chests for a hundred years. Recently, they perfected the manufacture of some of their designs in China, providing their customers with what we at Garrett Wade know to be exceptional values. The Asian production is all sold under the "Gerstner International" brand.

These are all made with the usual superior Gerstner quality, with kiln-dried red oak and other hardwoods for the drawer backs and sides. Drawers have soft felt liners, carefully fitted panels, tongue and groove joinery, hand rubbed lacquer finish, steel-reinforced corner protectors, and locking pins and latches, plus a lockable front panel. Some interior parts are plywood, and the drawer slides are a tough plastic.These have many uses around both the shop and the home.

See below for more information and dimensions.

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More Info
Although designed originally as storage for small machinist's tools, they are equally useful for a variety of smaller quality tools and for other valuable personal items, such as jewelry or coin collections.

The Studio Chest is 16" x 8" x 9-3/4" high with one front drawer and a storage area in the top with a removable tray (shown in the photo).

Studio Chest and Drawer Dimensions (inches)
Width Depth Height
Overall Dimensions 16 8 9-3/4
Top Compartment
(without tray)
14-1/4 7 4-3/4
2 Sections of tray
(each side measures)
14 1-3/4 1-1/4
1 Drawer 14-1/8 6-1/8 2-5/8

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Overall Rating
  • Coin Locker

    Winfield T Hand, 12/4/2014 This chest is good for my misc. loose coins in my collection.
  • Small Gerstner Chest

    David Bell, 3/24/2013 A fine check, high quality, with enough room for the individual tools that I require at work. It is of very sturdy construction and is wonderful to look at on a work bench. Thank you for such a fine product. I am considering a 2nd Small Gerstner Chest.
  • Nearly Perfect Tool Chest

    Christopher Warnock, 3/12/2013 Have you ever dreamed of having all of your tools neatly organized, each with its place and ready for use? For small tools, this chest is awesome. Being able to lock the chest has its benefits too as it means that my pliers won't end up in my son's room, or out in the garden for digging. Located right next to my workbench it is a muse to remind me of the craftsmanship that I aspire to.
  • Gerstner Hobby Chest

    Tony Guadagno, 1/4/2013 Great product and quality. I would highly recommend this storage chest for a hobby, using mine for building the 1949 Chris Craft!
  • Great Box

    Robert Seddon, 11/28/2010 Well made and well fitted.. probably not as good as the American made one, but good enough for my use for gunsmithing and machinist tools. Excellent choice for the money.
  • Gerstner Chest and Base

    Connie Becker, 6/18/2009 I purchased this set for my husband for Fathers Day. What a handsome set and the quality is excellent. The product will last a lifetime.
  • Tool Box

    Bill Fletcher, 4/19/2009 I bought this tool box for my son as a gift and was so impressed with the quality and workmanship that I'm buying one for me.
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