Glass Surface-Magnifier

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Glass Surface-Magnifier
4x magnification
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24T02.12 Glass Surface-Magnifier

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The beauty of this 3" diameter (1-7/8" thick) tool is that it's designed to lay right on the paper surface and you just slide it around to show what you are trying to read. No focusing is necessary. This model instantly caught our attention because the entire lens is glass. This was made for the nautical trade, but even if you don't need the navigator's 360° scale, you'll appreciate its utility. This is just great on any printed surface.
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  • Pricey?

    Manuel Terrazas, 9/30/2016 I bought this..*after* I had gone and bought me a cheap handheld magnifier. I considered the price of this item a bit steep at first, especially after paying about eight bucks for my cheapo magnifier. I am studying Japanese Kanji, those pesky characters that are used in Japanese writings...and some of them, with their numerous strokes, and at my age..are very hard to read. I tried my cheapy magnifier..and it seemed to work, I waited for my Garret Wade magnifier to arrive. After all I reasoned, if it simply did the work that my handheld 8 dollar magnifier did..I would return the Garret Wade unit. So, am I returning it? HECK NO!! I love this thing! It is heavy, crystal clear, and does an awesome job of magnifying each individual pen stroke of the Kanji without introducing optical distortion. I LOVE THIS THING!! I threw my cheapy in my tool box....and am keeping this thing on my desk where I do my reading. Looks awesome too!
  • Mine for a moment

    Mario A. Perez, 9/26/2016 I am a retired history teacher who loves maps. The glass magnifier is great for going over old texts fold-outs and its weight keeps the book open. But the real key is that my wife took it over because it helps her read the small print in books and magazines. So a second will have to be ordered. I love it!
  • Glass Beast

    Benjamin, 7/26/2016 This thing is a beast. Comes in a slick foam lined box. Much bigger than I expected but it works well. Old school way of reading print.
  • Handsome and heavy

    Trinita, 5/4/2016 A marvelous piece to keep on the desk and use as a paperweight as well as a magnifier. Timeless design, even on land!
  • Good Looks

    Tom Powell, 4/14/2015 I first saw one of these in the chart room on a Coast Guard cutter on which I served in the 1970s. The one I purchased recently from GW works just as well. I am glad to see that modernity has not ruined a good design.
    Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner April 2015 Rate & Review Honorable Mention $50 Winner. Congratulations, Tom!!
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