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Bestseller Grampa's Weeder
The ultimate green weeder.
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This tool was actually invented in 1913, and was very popular in the Northwest (where it was well known) until WWII halted production. Now rediscovered after 70 years, it's a blessing to anyone who likes their weeding effortless - with no bending, no hand pulling, and no kneeling - period.

Simply center the two iron gripping prongs over the weed (footpad lever can point in either direction), press into the ground, and then remove your foot, leaning the 39" long hardwood handle in the direction of the footpad lever. Out comes the weed, root and all.

This is a simple, effortless tool to use. It's hard to imagine working without it and it's a great value for a lifetime tool.

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Overall Rating
  • Pry Bar

    David J, 3/23/2017 Smaller than I had expected, but very solid and sturdy; a quality tool
  • 16" adjustable pry bar

    James G. Reardon, 11/18/2016 Just the right size for working in tight spaces. Workmanship and finish well worth the price.
  • Pres. Matchless Construction Group Inc.

    Peter Jukoff, 3/3/2016 Excellent balance and finish. Too good for demo work. Great size for daily carry.
    A bit pricey but the only one of this size and features on line. I know. I looked. Perfect for nudging casework in place. Great for tweaking base and crown molding alignment. Larger than my fishtail bars and much more elegant than any flat bar! Let's see how it performs over time, but I expect I will outfit my whole crew with them.
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