Grass Trim-Shears

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Grass Trim-Shears
With 90° Rotating Handle
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45T02.16 Grass Trim-Shears

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This tool is most useful when manicuring the border of walkways and in other areas with grass growing right up to the edges and in shaping small hedges. A string trimmer is faster but then you can butcher a spot pretty quickly and make a mess of the job. There's nothing like careful hand work for the best looking results. Made in Italy.

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  • Quality Tool

    Bob Doyle, 8/16/2015 As a fellow who is always looking for tools that will make my life a little easier. I was happy to find these Italian grass shears. I've been looking for another pair to compliment my Saboten grass shears. This way I have a pair when I send the others to Carbondale to be sharpened. These really are nicely made as are any of the Italian tools sold here and other places. These rank right up there with the Japanese Saboten's. The price of them isn't that hard on the pocket when you stop to realize for a few bucks more you are getting a tool that is many times superior to the "cheaper" ones you find in the BIG BOX stores. I believe anyone who has a need for something like this will be happy to own them. I do have Shindiawa gas trimmers but sometimes you not only make a mess but if you bang a gas powered trimmer off of drain pipes and down spouts you wind up in trouble. These trim nicely around and under pipes. I believe they are a great option for places a gas trimmer might cause grief.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner August 2015 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Bob!!
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