Greenhouse Irrigation System

Clearance Greenhouse Irrigation System
Highly CustomizableWatering Kit - Infinitely Flexible
Both drip and humidifying sprinkler watering alternatives
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37A01.03 Greenhouse Irrigation System

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Comes with connector for a standard bib faucet or a (quick change) garden hose fitting and a pressure regulator. Includes two 1/4" diameter plastic delivery "drip lines" 12 ft long, 4 sprinkler heads (will each cover a half-circle radius of 8 ft), and 24 pot drip fittings. There is great flexibility in spacing the sprinkler and drip connectors, so you can be confident that whatever your setup, this system is highly likely to work for you.

Designed and made in Israel - a geographic location that has decades of experience in agricultural water delivery and conservation. Highly recommended. Two year manufacturer's warranty.

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