Half-Length 3-Tine Cultivator & Trowel

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New Half-Length 3-Tine Cultivator & Trowel
Solid Ash handles
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47G01.04 Half-Length Cultivator

Available 06/02/2017


47G01.05 Half-Length Trowel

Available 06/02/2017


47G01.40 Set of Both 3-Tine Cultivator & Trowel

Available 06/02/2017

Regular Price: $31.60

Special Price $28.50

This pair of well balanced, mid-length garden tools give you greater reach and control when doing outdoor work. Stainless steel heads and tapered 16" ash handles, well-turned and of a good thickness, are long enough to give you additional leverage and force. Sturdy but not too heavy, so you can hold it by the end of the handle for that extra stretch, without it becoming too much of a burden. These tools will save your back and knees from having to do more bending than necessary--very important when spending long days in the garden. Available separately or as a set.

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