Half-Length Dutch Kneeling Tools

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Half-Length Dutch Kneeling Tools
Because you can use them two-handed, you can get more work done faster
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69A01.01 Half-Length Shovel

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69A01.02 Half-Length Spade

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Kneeling or sitting on a short stool is the way we spend a lot of time working in the garden. Single-handed tools are essential, of course, but sometimes it's handy to work a bit more aggressively, and these new tools are just the ticket for that.

Each is 18-19" long overall. The heart shaped Spade is 4 x 5" and the Shovel is 3 x 6". You are unlikely to need both, so just choose the design that appeals the most. You'll be glad you have it.

Also shown in the picture is the Dutch Spiral Weeder.

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