Hand Carved Pull-Up Toys

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Hand Carved Pull-Up Toys
like little miracles, these climb the rope
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57A02.10 Hand Carved Pull-Up Toys

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Just attach the top of the string to a pin or nail and pull the hanging end. Your eyes will scarcely believe that the Mountain Climber, the Indian Chief and the Cowboy (each about 1½" high) will automatically just climb up – but they do. Little kids will love this. Come as a set of three (one each – all hand made). A great stocking gift.

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  • Cute, but with a few changes?

    Barb Kleh, 9/8/2016 These were really cute. Seeing as how these are geared for children, I was hesitant giving the cowboy to a lil friend because of his gun. And the Indian Chief one, is not politically correct. The hiker is perfect though! Might I suggest a fireman climbing up the rope with a cute little kitten awaiting rescue at the top? Or a rock climber?
  • Hand carved pull-up toys.

    Dolores M, 4/21/2016 Since they are in sealed packages, and they are gifts for grandchildren, I have not tried them yet. I am sure that they will be popular.
  • Cute

    DAVID, 3/5/2016 Cute little wooden figures, require pulling down on string to work, only go up a short distance with each pull.
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