Hand Crafted French Embroidery Scissors
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Along with Thiers, Solingen and Sheffield, Nogent (in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France) is one of Europe’s great cutlery centers, having built its reputation on the art of making scissors. Using techniques handed down over generations to create faithful renditions of historical French designs, the Nogent maker of our 4” Classic Embroidery Scissors sustains this stubborn tradition of craftsmanship with results only achieved by the human hand and eye.

High-quality high-carbon tool steel is hot forged, with steel fibers elongated under heat to produce even the thinnest blades with superior strength and durability. Each scissor is numbered and hand-stamped left/right to ensure the two sides go hand-in-glove through the entire manufacturing process, repeatedly hand-peened and adjusted to guarantee that each scissor is completely unique and yet with the best possible fit and cutting edge. The painstaking results are beautiful, exquisitely functional and perfectly suited for the most delicate of fiber arts.

Choose from the Sunflower, Rabbit, Stork or Wild Rose designs. Each is nickel chromed and plated with 18K gold, meticulously sharpened and hand-polished and delivered in a Bordeaux-stained leather pouch for storage and protection. Our classic French Embroidery Scissors make a unique and thoughtful gift sure to be treasured for a lifetime.
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