Hand Made French Sewing Scissors
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The finest scissors in the world are made in France, and the finest French scissors are without question still made by hand using traditional, time-tested techniques which have been handed down for generations by the craftsmen of Nogent, France. Each scissor is numbered and hand-stamped left/right to ensure its two sides go hand-in-glove through the entire manufacturing process, ensuring that each left fits and cuts perfectly against its right.

Expertly ground, sharpened and hand-polished, each scissor is nickel chromed and plated with 18K gold, and delivered in a Bordeaux-stained leather pouch. Our French Sewing Scissors are exquisitely made tools meant not only to be treasured, but used for generations.

The ‘Lingere’ Sewing Scissors are 5-3/8” in length (cutting edges are 2-1/4”) with tapered, slender blades. Weighing a mere 1-1/4 oz. the Lingere sewing scissors can be used all day without fatigue, and excel at button and curved work on light fabrics. The larger ‘Bancal’ Fabric Scissors are 6-1/2” in overall length with 3” cutting edges, and weigh 3 oz. They are a perfect choice for tailoring, straight cuts, heavier fabrics and quilting. The two together, of course, cover all the bases and make a memorable and thoughtful gift.
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