Handplane Essentials

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Handplane Essentials
By Christopher Schwarz
Editor of Woodworking Magazine
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Handplane Essentials is a treasure trove of relevant and practical information on the tool its author calls “the most advanced and cunning wood-cutting tool ever invented… yet to be surpassed by anything with a power cord”. Beautifully and abundantly illustrated and covering everything from the most basic – how to choose the right handplanes for your shop, how to set them up correctly and put them to use – to the sublime. This book aims not only to get you started, but to inspire the highest possible levels of craftsmanship. For the woodworker’s library, it is essential.

Handsomely presented over 312 pages with sepia-toned photographs, the book includes in-depth reviews of handplanes from $50 to $5000 and close-up, extensive profiles of the very best toolmakers operating today. Compiled from a decade of Schwarz’ work as editor of Popular Woodworking and as a prolific contributor to trade journals and blogs, and from years as both student and teacher of furniture making technique and tool iron sharpening.

With a hands-on perspective and plenty of historical context, Chris Schwarz has given woodworkers the benefit of his journey to become a master woodworker, and the help many need to take the first steps on their own.

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