Handy Solid Brass Calipers

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Sale Handy Solid Brass Calipers
Slip easily into any pocket
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89D01.03 4 In. Brass Caliper

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89D01.04 2 In. Brass Inside/Outside

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89D01.10 Set Of 2In&4In.Brass Caliper

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Regular Price: $22.85

Special Price $18.90

These pocket-sized tools have both inside and outside measurement capability, and both inch and metric scales.
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Overall Rating
  • Beautiful 2 inch, Solid Brass Caliper

    Kimberly Stelly , 12/25/2016 This is a beautiful, tiny little tool, perfect for the antique tool lover, EDC enthusiast or jewelry maker. Came as described - solid brass construction, precisely fitted.
  • Lovely Stocking Stuffer for the Tool Lover

    Kimberly Stelly , 12/25/2016 I purchased this set of solid brass calipers for my husband. At 2 and 4 inches, these calipers are not the most user-friendly, versatile, or utilitarian tools for a woodworker's shop. However, I was not looking for a strictly practical or utilitarian caliper. Their miniature size and precise, solid brass construction were perfect for my husband, for whom quality materials, unique applications, and antique tools are appealing. I would have preferred that they come in a nice box as a set, but that is simply a personal preference, and does not detract from these tools' beautiful presentation.
  • Review of brass calipers x 2, 2 inch and 4 inch.

    Charles M. Burns, 12/4/2016 I have purchased from you before; the objects I ordered were extremely well made and very useful. the brass calipers that I just received are very well made and extremely easy to read and utilize. The ones I had were excessively large, stiff, and difficult to read, and too make matters worse, were inaccurate.. Everything I have obtained from your company has been first rate. These calipers are solid brass, and extremely accurate. Thy are first rate and very easy to read.
  • Small Calipers

    Papa Joe, 10/7/2013 Handy item to have in my Measuring / Marking Tool arsenal. Great for checking thread sizes, clearance holes, thicknesses, etc. Good bang for the buck!
  • Useful Pair

    Roy Oishi, 4/9/2013 Great for small thickness and width measurements. The small one is a fixture in my upper apron pocket and the 4in one is on my bench. Other than needing a drop of oil to loosen up the slide, and learning which direction to push the nib, they work like a charm.
  • Great Calipers

    Derril D. Bergt, 1/23/2013 These calipers will help immensely with precision woodworking tasks. Unfortunately I have not as yet received them. I am hopeful they will match my review once I actually get them on site.
  • Brass Caliper

    Dan, 11/25/2012 Be sure to check zero mark before using. Mine was off by about 3/32. Just need to make new zero mark. Easy correction.
  • Beautiful calipers

    Trixie, 12/25/2010 These are beautifully made brass calipers. I bought these for a woodworking friend and he was blown away. Beautiful tools are a delight! Thanks for your great selection.
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