Flexible Leather Strops

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Flexible Leather Strops
Keeps blades sharper & safer
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18A03.02 21" Flex Wall Strop

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Flexible Leather Strops (USA-made) keep knives and scissors well honed and polished. One end has a buckle for attachment. Very useful for producing that final "razor edge". Get superior performance and longer blade life with far fewer trips to the sharpening stone. With a rough suede side for honing & smooth leather side for finish stropping, just a few swipes every once and a while will produce good results. The 15" Strop, which has a stropping length of 6", is good for blades less than 3" while the 21", which has a stropping length of 12", is better for larger sizes. A simple-to- use, tried & true technology.
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Overall Rating
  • Looks good

    Brian Farrell, 12/5/2016 Looks like a good strop. Haven't had a chance to use it yet
  • Nice strop

    Tom Hirth, 6/11/2016 The strop works well for my smaller knives, for blades <4 inches. May want to consider a wider strop if using on large knives.
  • Great for small blades.

    Tom lawton, 3/16/2016 This is a finely made item and is perfect for it's intended use. I am an old razor user and have fished my blades in a water glass for years. This is the preferred method and works great.
  • You might want to pass

    Frank, 3/3/2016 This item is too narrow, and too short! I can't imagine why a strop would be this small. In fairness, it is well made. However, it's uses are limited, in my view.
  • Safety-Razor Strop

    Stephen, 6/20/2014 As quality goes, this is a good strop made of good materials, and I suspect it will last a very long time. The one thing that I'd like to point out though, is that the product is marketed as Razor Renew," and is intended to resharpen your dull safety razors (ie. Gilette, Schicke, etc.). It is only 1.5" wide, and the 21" strop has 12.5" of stropping surface. I had pictured it being twice that wide (my bad). It's too nice to send back, and it'll work nicely to sharpen pocket knives and razors with. It may, however, be a challenge to sharpen the larger knives that I had envisioned using this item with."
  • Strop

    Don Hare, 6/19/2013 I don't think I can review this item because I'm returning it. It looks great but much to small for my needs. I will see how your return procedure works. I will say this, I have found that all the tools I have purchased from your company have been well made and treasured by me.
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