Heavy-Duty, All-Purpose Cast Aluminum Scoops

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Sale Heavy-Duty, All-Purpose Cast Aluminum Scoops
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05R11.01 Small Cast Scoop

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05R11.02 Medium Cast Scoop

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05R11.03 Large Cast Scoop

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05R11.10 Set of Three Cast Scoops (S, M & L)

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Probably originally designed as farm grain scoops, these solid, one-piece castings will prove their usefulness in the garden, kitchen or shop.

Sturdy and virtually indestructible, the smallest has a scoop size of 4-1/2" long and 2-3/4" wide, the middle scoop a size of 6 x 3-1/4" and the largest a size of 7-3/4" long and 4-1/2" wide.

Some typical uses we have heard of include scooping up pet food, ice cubes, fireplace ashes, and potting soil. (You get the picture.) Get a complete set of all three and save.

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Overall Rating
  • 3 Cast Aluminum Scoops

    Earl A. Lemings, 1/27/2017 Made of Cast Aluminum they will hold up to the task I have for them Large: Spreading fertilizer, Medium: Putting salt in my water softener tank And the small will be a great help with the cat food bowel. A controlled amount daily.
  • heavy duty

    justin, 12/27/2016 Very heavy duty scoop. Should last a very long time.
  • Great Scoops!

    Gregory Hekel, 11/14/2016 I have used these scoops for years and the only item I could have with these are that the finish is a little rough. Does not affect the use in any way, just a thought.
  • Heavy duty

    Irvin A Kaufman, 9/8/2016 These are heavy duty solid cast aluminum scoops, strong enough to stand up for years on the toughest jobs. I have a thousand different uses for them in the garden, kitchen, garage, etc.
  • Great scoops

    Ron, 8/20/2016 These scoops are. very rugged, and will not rust. We use them for a variety of chores, from gardening to filling bird feeders. Our recent order was based upon the same scoops we brought years ago and are still using. We highly recommend all sizes of the cast aluminum scoops which we have been using for years.
  • Great Little Scoop

    Nadia Brenner, 6/19/2016 I love this little scoop. It's light weight and fits well in my small hands. Really good for filling up small pots.
  • Perfect Scoops

    Ashley, 3/25/2016 I bought all three and am using the smaller two for dog food and the larger one for chicken feed. Nice and sturdy and look like they'll last forever.
  • Scooped

    Steve, 8/8/2015 Just as described. Just scooping along singing a song La la la:)
  • For The Birds

    Ed, 12/7/2014 This is an example of one of the things Garrett Wade does best. Take a simple idea and execute it perfectly. I feed birds; the large scoop is ideal for sunflower seed transfers to the feeders and the small is exactly right for thistle seed. I expect to pass these on to my son and he will pass them on to his son; they will last for generations.
  • Measuring Scoops

    Randall Weir, 2/13/2014 Very stout construction. The smallest is perfect for measuring feed supplements (about 4 oz.). For the larger critters the medium size holds about 1 cup (8 oz.) of nutritional supplements. The large scoop is about 2 cups and is an all around tool to ensure my livestock get consistent nutrition.
  • I Use Them To Scoop Salt.

    Martin Sorin, 1/19/2014 I bought two of them scoops - one for the front and another for the side porch where I keep my ice melting salt. They work great when sprinkling it on the steps. It took a bit of practice, though, to get the salt out slowly so that there was enough to cover the entire surfaces.
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