Heavy Duty Nail Pullers

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Heavy Duty Nail Pullers
An old standby - and still great today
Hardened jaws
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These serious traditional tools are huge time and worksavers which you simply don't see around much anymore - so we have had them made for us. When you need one, though, it's absolutely fantastic. The Large Nail Remover is basically a slide hammer with movable jaws. Position the jaws around the nail head and move the heavy sliding handle down briskly. The jaws dig in around the nail head, and you can lever back on the 16" long handle to remove long nails quickly. It's for rough, quick work, so some crushing of the wood around the nail head is inevitable. Weighs 5 lbs.

The Small Nail Remover is ideal for more confined areas and is easy to transport in your tool box. Not a slide hammer (you lever the top with your claw hammer), but the principle is the same. Minimal marring of the wood surface is likely. Both are useful, so we have created a Nail Remover Set of both styles at a considerable saving.

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  • Cyclops nail puller

    Theresa Dodson, 8/2/2016 We have built our house and I decided that I want a half wall between my kitchen and living room. We have wood on our wall and we want to save it. My husband wouldn't do it without the cyclops.
  • fantastic tool

    James Cooper, 5/9/2016 It is a great tool . It was what I needed to do repairs on my house.I had to remove all the nail to get the t111 wood off to replace .It made it a whole lot easier.
  • Great Tool

    Stephen Checchia, 6/13/2014 I purchased the tool to remove nails from salvage lumber. After an initial trial and error period it worked well. I have two suggestions. The first would be a simple one page diagram shoeing tool placement. This would save the uninitiated some time in learning it's proper use. The second is the jaws would be more serviceable if made from a hardened material. I noticed some wear after my first use. I think it's a great tool otherwise.
  • Needs Instructions

    Marvin Howard, 2/17/2014 I've been a tool user for most of my 63 years and while this tool has some obvious features, I failed to be able to turn them into benefits. I just never could get the contraption to pull out a nail! The beak" that's supposed to grab the shaft of the nail, didn't and the sliding handle (which makes perfect sense as a dent puller in an auto body repair tool) kept pulling the "beak" off of the nail when used. Again, maybe its the "gunner" and not the "gun". This device might make perfect sense to most, but besides the fact that it appears to be extremely well made, has so far been a waste of money for me. I, like most self-respecting men, don't believe in needing or reading instructions, but in this instance, I would have availed myself of the opportunity if it had been provided. "
  • Failed

    JV, 5/6/2013 Unfortunately mine failed after a short stint at normal nail pulling. A crack developed in the teeth"."
  • Great Retro Tool

    Daniel Tabisula, 2/21/2013 My grandfather had a tool like this that I used to play with when I was little. I remember pulling a lot of nails with it. Often wished how I could use one while working around the house, now" I have two."
  • Nail Puller Review

    James Shellabarger, 2/17/2013 The nail puller I ordered was the large and small nail puller pictured. What I received was the large nail puller not pictured. I suppose the large one can pull small nails too but I wanted the combo tool. Not important enough to send back but this is a first.
  • Large Nail Puller

    Scott, 10/25/2009 I agree with the previous review about the overall quality of this new tool. If you can find an old one that is not worn out, you're better off. This tool is like so many others available today where either the steel is substandard to begin with or the manufacturer skimps on heat treating. The new tool wears much, much faster than the one I've had for thirty years. If you use it carefully it is OK.
  • Great tool

    Keith, 6/30/2009 Well, I don't have this" one, but I have bought 2 antique ones. They are hard to find but worth every penny. It will even pull nails up without heads. You can't find these at your big box lumberyards.I guarantee you will do more damage to wood with alternative methods of nail removal than with this tool. "
  • Large Nail Puller

    G.Z Reiter, 6/25/2009 This is the third nail puller (large) that I own. These are unbeatable for their ability to pull nails. When you are used to their operation, it takes two to three hammer handle strokes to grab a nail and begin removal. Tears up much less wood than a seperate hammer and crows foot tool. My first puller from GW has pulled amny nails, the second one that I bought (two weeks ago) has pulled about 300 deck nails and I have noticed a flake off on one of the teeth. I suspect a flaw in manufacturing. I am disappointed in this one" items durability, but as a tool these things are hands down "the best"! I have been able to reuse many boards becase of the neglegible damage from nail removale."
  • Great but Rare Tool

    Paul, 4/29/2009 Thank You for making the slide hammer nail remover available. It is a very effective and quality tool. My father has had one of these tools since before I was born and I grew up using it since I was big enough to handle it. As I started building my own collection of tools, I kept looking for a tool like his and could never find one. I was overjoyed when I first looked through the Garret-Wade catalog and saw exactly what I had been looking for over the last 25 years. When you need to salvage old lumber or remove an errantly placed nail in your own project, nothing else is as easy and efficient as this tool.
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