Heavy-Duty Textile Shears

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Sale Heavy-Duty Textile Shears
Dial in your blade tension
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06A03.11 Heavy-Duty Textile Shears

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These are beautiful, classically-designed shears with the advantage of up-to-date materials technology. The contoured grips are light and smooth producing a natural and comfortable grip. The 4 blades are made of high carbon steel. High carbon steels – which traditionally the very best cutting blades are made of – are durable and stay sharp. The blades are finished with a polished chrome plating to protect against rust or stains. At 10" overall, these shears cut smoothly and maneuver effortlessly. You will especially enjoy the innovative dial for setting optimum blade tension. A simple two-step direction for tensioning is included. Very expensive no doubt, but very high value.

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