Hi-Power Micro Hi-Tech Flashlight

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New Hi-Power Micro Hi-Tech Flashlight
Redesigned to use a single rechargeable CR123a battery
Has a handy magnetic base
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04D05.27 Hi-Power Micro High-Tech

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04D05.26 Addit. RCR123A Battery

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Only 2" long, this revolutionary new flashlight uses a new rechargeable RCR123A battery that produces 80% more output than its standard battery counterpart (our 04D03.13): that means a remarkable 900 lumens of emergency output for 30 seconds, or 300 lumens for an hour. Recharging the RCR123A battery is accomplished by simply clicking the recharging cap onto the magnetic base of the flashlight. Nothing could be easier. Output at 60 lumens lasts 4.5 hours, and at 12 lumens lasts 33 hours. A single RCR123A battery is supplied at no extra charge. Five Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Lumens: 0.5, 12, 60, 300, 900; Max Throw: 500 ft

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