9,000 Lumen, HI-Tech LED Dominator Flashlight

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9,000 Lumen, HI-Tech LED Dominator Flashlight
Most powerful available, with special rechargeable batteries
Highly recommended as a Best in Class
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04D05.42 World Class Dominator

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04D05.25 4 Hi-Output #18650 Batteries

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Available only very recently, the Dominator ultra-powerful flashlight provides an exceptional 9,000 Lumens at Turbo-S power--good for 2.5 minutes of continuous emergency output. Also features 6 other levels of output, down to 3 lumens--good for 30 days of continuous output. To achieve this exceptional performance, the Dominator uses four special rechargeable #18650 batteries (included) with a special mAh (milliamp) discharge rating. These four batteries should always all be recharged at the same time and replaced as a group. An extra set of four are available as well. The X7 will operate, of course, with standard #18650 batteries, but you will not achieve the same 9,000 lumen output performance.

Beam throw is a respectable 1,025 ft, but the real value of this flashlight is in the sheer amount of light thrown over a wide area. Highly recommended as Best-In-Class. Comes with Five Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
Output & Runtime:
(9,000 Lumen = 2.5min.) (5,500 Lumen = 8min.) (3,000 Lumen = 32 min.) (1,800 Lumen = 3.3 hrs.) (1,000 Lumen = 6.5 hrs.) (300 Lumen = 18 hrs.) (3 Lumen = 30 days.)
313 meter or 1026.9 feet
Light Pattern:
Spot / Strobe
Battery Type:
4 x 18650 rechargeable lithium Batteries 3500Mah
Emitter Type:
3 x CreeXHP70
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