High Magnification Loupe

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High Magnification Loupe
Affordable magnification for close-up work
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88H03.01 High Magnification Loupe

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This is really a jeweller's tool, but there are very few among us who don't need to keep one of these handy. The very best come from Germany but are very expensive. Unless you are a jeweller, this quality loupe is just the ticket, and its cost is very modest. We like it a lot. Comes in its own leather case.

Made in India.

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Overall Rating
  • Loupe

    Bill White, 8/23/2011 It's a small space saving magnifier, well made and sturdy.
  • Great Value

    Joseph Fortmuller, 5/3/2011 I was very impressed with the quality of the 10x Power Magnification Loupes purchased from Garrett Wade.
  • Fountain Pen Point Inspector

    Customer, 12/19/2009 The loupe is metal-cased, nicely finished on edges and very compact. It is well-suited for inspecting pen points on used fountain pens before purchase, which was the purpose I had in mind.
  • Excellent Sharpness & Good Field of View for this Magnification

    Mark Aldon Weiss, 12/16/2009 Excellent magnification and sharpness. Can easily see with no fuss at all, the exact dot layouts in offset printing -- including the shape of the dots. Same with a B&W photocopier or color digital printer. I also have a work application -- thermometer with 0.1°C tic marks & interpolating to 0.01°C. For this latter application works better than an old stamp loupe I had that belongs to a similar category as this loupe (I hold stamp loupe by stand end to get lens near thermometer). Anyway, this loupe from Garrett Wade did better. Sharper, slightly bigger magnification and -- surprisingly -- a slightly wider field of view than stamp loupe. Do realize, though, that loupes of this type have small depth of field (so you have to get it at just the right distance), that the working distance is rather small (just like stamp loupe), and that -- although the width of field of view is bigger than my stamp loupe -- this loupe from Garrett Wade is not going to a flat field all the way to the edges of the field of view. Definitely the sharpest magnifier I have seen though. Worked good for examination of the minutia of the structure of hair too -- almost like a microscope!
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