High Performance Watering Nozzles
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We found a forestry firefighting firm that not only make high performance professional nozzles for groundskeepers and firefighters, but also make a specialized nozzle for residential use. The materials used are stainless steel and anodized aluminum castings. All have garden hose threading" (GHT).

The Residential Nozzle will perform very well normal 40 psi water pressure and flow - from solid stream to fan discharge. The Professional Nozzle will work on normal pressure but will perform optimally where higher pressures and flows are available. In particular, this model excels at surface washings (dirty patios or sidewalks etc) or car washing where extra flow and power can really make a difference - and of course in fighting that fire. The large diameter adjusting ring is black rubber encased for durability and possible rougher handling both will handle up to an exceptionally high 200 psi.
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