Historic Kitchen Paring Knives

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Beautiful collection of vintage French blades
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02B13.12 French Potato Peeler

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02B13.13 French Fruit Knife

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From our longtime partner in a renowned knife making region of France comes this duo of vintage knives:a curved blade Potato Peeler with a Bubinga handle (known as a Bec d’Oiseaux, or bird’s beak); and a Fruit Knife with Rosewood handle and brass rivets. The Potato Peeler and Fruit Knife have hard-to-find Carbon Steel blades (famed for their sharpness) and are of extremely high quality.

Made decades ago in Thiers, a city in France renowned for its knife making. We were lucky enough to discover a vintage treasure trove of them in beautiful condition while on a recent factory tour with one of our suppliers. Grab these exceptional blades while available (very limited quantities).

Potato Peeler: 6 ½”, Blade 2½”
Fruit Knife: 8 “, Blade 4”

To clean, hand-wash only and immediately wipe dry.
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