Historic Wood "Prospector" Canoe Model

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Historic Wood "Prospector" Canoe Model
Makes an exciting gift and is a part of North American history
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16T02.01 Prospector Canoe Kit

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The role that canoes played in the exploration and development of the American West (even more so in Canada) cannot be overstated. Rivers and lakes were the highways of the 18th and 19th centuries.

One of the most popular was the 16 ft. "Prospector", developed in Canada to meet the dual needs of whitewater navigation and good load-carrying capacity. This accurate 1:12 model kit, made in Canada by a canoe-building company, is complete with everything you need to make your own beautiful replica of this famous canoe.

The technique used is steam-bent wood strips with the professional West-System epoxy molding. Everything is included, including full 40 pages of instructions, gunnels, thwarts, paddles etc. The maker says that it should take about 35 hours to complete the project. It will make you proud.

The wonderful book Canoecraft by Ted Moores is a classic guide for amateur (and professional) builders of classic wooden canoes. Being able to look at a companion book about the real thing will hugely enrich the process and understanding when building the model.

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