Fireplace Log Splitter

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New Fireplace Log Splitter
Foot Operated - Fireside splitting made easy
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28B02.01 Fireplace Log Splitter

Available 11/15/2017


Low tech, quiet, and easy to set up and operate, this foot-operated splitter handle logs up to 18" long and 10" in diameter. Not for heavy-duty splitting, but absolutely terrific for trimming down split logs that are just a bit too big before dropping in the fireplace or stove (or when you want to create kindling quickly).

Totally portable (keep it in the back hall or on the porch) and very well made, it excels at re-splitting already split rounds, so you don’t have to fire up the big splitter out back or get out the maul and wedge. Plus, you get a bit of a workout! We really like it a lot. Complete instructions included.
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