Hollow Punches Perfect

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Hollow Punches Perfect
Accurately cut circles, washers, shims & holes yourself
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05S02.01 6 Piece Hollow Punch Set (Boxed)

Available 07/08/2016


05S02.02 9 Piece Punch Set (No Box)

In stock


05S02.10 Both Punch Set

Available 07/08/2016

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We have carried punch sets like this in the past until their costs became prohibitive, and have been looking for sets which provide a very good value ever since. Here they are. The two sets complement one another.

The small boxed set of 6 punches, which screw into a steel handle, are sized in very small increments from 5 to 8mm (3/16" to 3/8"). The set of 9 large punches is sized 5mm to 32mm (3/16" to 1-1/4"). These also screw into a steel handle, and you can use the optional supplied spring-loaded auto-centering locater if you are cutting multiple disks on a grid, or when cutting concentric holes (as when making a washer).

Made in China.

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Overall Rating
  • 2 size Punch Sets

    Barbara E, 5/6/2016 What a great dual kit. Exactly what I needed. I do have a question about punching out a perfectly centered hole inside a larger circle, but it's great quality & is going to make an exciting addition to an already great product we offer.
  • Punches

    Everett Haldiman, 12/20/2014 A very useful and nice set. I have used two of the punches all ready and they are excellent. Sped up my job very well. Thank you.
  • Punch Set

    Michael Latzke, 10/5/2014 I work a lot with fine woods and plastics and this punch set works great for me. It's clean and it seems to hold up nicely I haven't had it for a long time but if your looking for a set it's worth it.
  • Punch perfect

    Cindy, 12/16/2013 Very nice punch set and box.
  • Hole Punch

    RandyW, 10/2/2013 Large set seems like quality item, small set not for continued use lesser quality
  • Great Punch Set

    Kris, 3/2/2013 Got both punch sets on sale for the price of the large set. They work very well. A bit of advice: The punches will stay sharp longer if you use a backer of soft wood, punching into the end grain. I use a 4 x 6 piece of scrap in a vise.
  • Utilitarian

    Ken Keller, 1/2/2013 This varied assortment of punches is a great aid when making spacers for use in black powder cartridge reloading.
  • Handy

    Ed, 2/17/2011 This 6 piece punch set is a handy tool for all kinds of projects, but if you are more demanding then I would suggest the 9 piece punch set over this collection. This is well made but not as hefty".
    The 9 piece punch set is the better of the two available. This is a great tool kit addition. I use these for all kinds of hole settings in a variety of materials. The range of sizes is excellent and covers pretty much all you could want. Quality is really good."
  • Hollow Punch Set

    Tommy Thompson, 2/2/2011 I ordered the hollow punch set for my dad and when it arrived it was missing the handle part. I called Garrett Wade and spoke with a real person. He gentleman was very friendly and he sent the missing part that day. My dad is very please with the quality of this product.
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