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21J04.02 Super-T (2 oz)

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21J05.01 Special-T (2 oz)

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21J06.03 Solvent (2 oz)

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21J06.04 Accelerator (6 oz)

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There is no shortage of cyanoacrylate ("instant") glues available. But the real secret to successful use of these terrific Hot Stuff glues is enough variety in their formulation to be effective on a range of materials (wood, glass, metals, rubber, leather, most plastics etc) and (most importantly) on a variety of "joints" (tight, slightly sloppy, really sloppy etc). The Hot Stuff range is the best we have seen, but is not well distributed through local stores, so we have resolved to make it available. Pass up the offerings on those racks. This stuff is much better.

Original Hot Stuff is thin and is best used for cracks and where the joining surfaces mate well. Super-T has been thickened to add gap filling capacity. Special-T has been further formulated for ultra-gap filling properties. Original Hot Stuff sets in a few seconds and the others, as expected, somewhat slower (10 to 40 seconds). Accelerator is a mist spray that speeds up curing of all three. (Be judicious, as it really accelerates the setting of all 3 Glues.) The Solvent is very useful in separating surfaces that have been accidentally joined and in getting residual dried Hot Stuff off your fingers, to which a bit always seems to eventually migrate.

Hot Stuff is very good stuff. We heartily recommend it. The Starter Set (all three Glues + Accelerator + Solvent) will give you all you initially need. Follow all written use tips for best results.

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  • Glue

    Sally Hamm, 4/7/2015 Works Great
  • King of Super Glues

    Randy L Ballheim, 3/17/2014 I own and operate a commercial sign company for 30 years. I have been using this product for the last 20 years for glueing everything from wood to alum. Also repair cracks and cut in fingers and hands! Fantastic product!
  • Perfect Combo

    Michael W Garner, 10/10/2013 Great set with plenty of the strongest, fastest setting glue to use on many types of projects. This glue sets up so fast, the addition of the super solvent included in the kit helps me to be less timid in using it.
  • Hot Stuff Scorches the others

    Dolores Testerman, 10/5/2013 This selection of glues will patch anything you can find. I was introduced to it by a master craftsman when working on interiors of private jets. Just a drop goes a long ways, and the applications are endless. I am fixing a cello that was heavily damaged in shipping, and it will be like new! The accelerant is so helpful and reduces the need for expensive specialized clamps.
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