Humane House Mouse Catcher

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Humane House Mouse Catcher
A totally humane, catch and release solution
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If you are tired of spring traps that trip too easily or are repelled by the obvious torture of glue traps, this simple Catcher is for your home. Just drop a piece of cheese (or other favorite tempter) on the wood base, and come back in the morning. Once he has climbed in, the mouse will not be able to climb out. Then if you want to release at a good distance, simply pull the cover off the hole in the side and the mouse can drop out where you want to put him. Nothing could be more humane.

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  • Humane mouse trap

    nancy k, laskey, 3/4/2016 always peruse your catalog and when I saw the Humane mouse trap and knew
    that this would [I hope] be the answer to my sister's problem. I ordered them for her and waited for results.. Wow! She was so happy to see the little mouse
    in the trap, not injured but finishing up his peanut butter. She took the mouse
    for a long walk and then released him.. She and her husband were amazed at how well these traps are made and also at how many mice they have caught!
    If one wants something well made and effective, buy it from your company.
  • The Bait Stealer

    Matthew, 2/23/2015 I had a small guest, that was seen several times in our kitchen, however he eluded and kept himself fed for quite sometime taking the peanut butter off of several types of traps. That is until I got this one, a little peanut butter on a saltine and he fell for it. The best part is I was able to release him outdoors and this really made my wife happy. Very well built, a quick rinse off and some time in the sun and it's ready for the next uninvited thief.
    Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner February 2015 Rate & Review Grand Prize $100 Winner. Congratulations, Matthew!!
  • No Kill Trap

    C. C. Watkins, 3/7/2014 Cleverly crafted. Well made. Just what I had hoped for.
  • No More Tears!

    JP, 1/26/2014 After trapping a few mice in my shop, I quickly realized traditional traps are barbaric! These traps work great! Now I smile as release mice in their new home on the rio grande. Thanks again for a great product!
  • Not so great

    A., 11/22/2013 Seemed fine at first, caught and released two mice in 24 hours, but the third was dead and had to destroy the trap to take the body out. Sharp points of wire inside the trap probably punctured a lung. Distressing.
  • Great Mouse Trap

    Lee Elliott, 4/1/2013 This mouse traps works very well. The only criticism is that there is no way to disassemble and clean the trap. Also the trap door is not very well constructed. I'd be happy to pay more for the same trap a bit better made.
  • Build a Better Mouse Trap

    John Donhue, 1/21/2013 This mouse trap is more effective than glue traps and old fashioned spring traps. Put a piece of cheese in the trap and caught two mice the first night. The mice have been eating the bait for two weeks and getting away with other traps.
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