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A 10X magnification jeweler’s loupe is mounted on a lightweight steel spectacle frame. Allows hands-free inspection of small parts, instruments, rare documents and stamps, all on a very small scale. Useful as well for modeler’s, engravers, repairmen, and (of course) jewelers. Eyepiece position is fully adjustable on the frames, while the switch-operated LED light is hinged-mounted for directional control. CR2106 battery included.

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Overall Rating
  • Great product for really fine work.

    Rich Murray, 10/7/2016 Wow! I've had visors and magnifiers before, but this one really gets to the fine, close detail! Thanks!
  • Nice little piece of equipment

    Robert hicks , 9/11/2016 Excellent magnification, works really well at seeing dates on old coins, and is awesome at splinter removal.
  • Eyeglass loupe

    Kevin P McArdle, 9/4/2016 I build many craftsman models and this is a supplement to my other magnifiers. This is especially great for removing slivers from fingers.
  • "Makers" should look at this!

    Robert Pinder, 8/27/2016 It has two lenses ... why not give it a focus ring. Happy for the price. You can't wear glasses with it; I wasn't expecting that. The lens/light assembly slides on the rail and could be removed from the slide. The slide/rail/frames might make a very nice "maker" base piece.
  • Great things come in small package

    OJ Zinn, 8/25/2016 This was a gift for my husband to use for close up work on many projects he always has going. He is delighted at how well he can zoom in on the smallest detail or part of a tool or his rifle. He has hung this over his work bench and finds a new use for it almost every day. For you ladies with a husband who has everything, add this to his collection. I promise you he will not be disappointed with his new big boy toy.
  • Jeweler's Illuminated Loupe

    Larry, 9/21/2014 One powerful little illuminated loupe. The 10 power focuses on the very small. Almost a microscope. I expect to find and remove any splinter or metal shaving stuck in my finger, no matter how small. Very good for looking a the edge of a knife to see how good my edge angles are formed.
  • Great Value

    Arthur Cohen, 7/20/2014 Recently I was trying to adjust an antique french clock. The adjusting screw was so small I had trouble using my jeweler's screwdrivers; and of course I was covering the access hole with my hand held loop and trying to get whatever light possible on the screw. This tool is what I needed and now I have it! What a terrific price for such a fine device.
  • Ease of use for price

    Gene Garrison, 6/23/2014 Good for not too lengthy jobs. Seems to have trouble with fitting.
  • What a GREAT find!

    Marvin Howard, 4/28/2014 I have the job (in addition to bug killing) of untangling fine jewelry chains for my wife and daughters. Its tedious work, especially the ultra fine chains that often come to me with dozens of multi-layered knots. Adding to the challenge is the fact that my eyesight is getting worse and holding a magnifier at the same time as a fine pick is nigh on to impossible! When I saw this Illuminated Jewelers Loop, I KNEW I found EXACTLY what I needed! I'm now able to tackle the toughest tangle with the great help of the attached loupe and the added LED light on the frame means not having to fumble with a handheld flashlight to illuminate the job. Its ALL in one handy gadget! It probably means that the girl's will now bring me all of their friend's knotted chains, but I GUESS NO SOLUTION IS PERFECT!
  • GREAT close work tool!

    Marvin Howard, 3/15/2014 Got this as a companion to the Illuminated Loop Magnifier also sold by GW. This eyeglass frame loop and light is the better of the two devices for fine jewelry and hobbyist work. It not only COMFORTABLY magnifies the scene, but the attached and aim-able LED light perfectly illuminates the area. In addition to being the official family jewelry fixer", I also enjoy doing fine model building and carving and I fully expect this magnifier to get a LOT of use!"
  • Really Works

    Glen, 1/30/2014 These work very well for working on very small items. I use them for working on circuit boards.
  • Cyborg Eye

    W. A. Hardy, 12/18/2013 I really like this eyepiece. I use it over my left eye when working on pen nibs and the illumination and magnification is great. I wish the orientation of the light could be switchable but it work just fine for me next to my nose when you shift the right/left placement of the eye piece.
  • Great For The Money!

    R. Allen, 11/16/2013 These work great foe everything from splinters to restoration work. Easy to carry in pocket for when you just need a closer look!
  • Just Say No

    Ron Bingham, 8/17/2013 As I wrote in the comments" section when I returned it, this item "was no where close to the quality level I've come to expect from Garrett Wade." Upon opening the package, the eyepiece was facing the wrong way on the frame. When I tried to rotate it to the correct orientation, it fell off and would not stay securely in place anywhere on the frame. Basically, it's the type of low quality junk you typically expect from "big box" sellers but not from Garrett Wade. The sooner it is dropped from their lineup, the better."
  • Great Detangler

    John Hicks, 3/4/2013 Working with plastic filament and nylon lines for model making often results in tangles. With the bright light and hands-free use, this loupe is perfect for detangling: otherwise, it would be cut the lines and start over.
  • Loupe Easy To Use

    Don Fry, 2/20/2013 For making jewelry, I often need to see tiny holes in beads and tie very small, precise knots. But most loupes are too cumbersome to use, and the loupe interferes with the light. This rig solves both problems, and costs very little.
  • Ideal Illuminated Loupe

    Zac Zagrodzky, 1/9/2013 One of the most challenging issues with doing fine detail work is having enough light and good magnification. This tool solves both problems and for less than $10!
  • Great Device

    Tom R, 1/8/2013 This hands free, eye socket free loupe is very easy to use and it makes all the difference when you have long detailed projects that require use of a loupe. I would highly recommend it.
  • Quality

    Josh, 1/1/2013 This is a quality Loupe it is clear as can be to look through.
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