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Imp. Magnifying LED Desk Lamp
$ 142.2
We have been advised that the specific model (23B03.08 - Cost $99.95) shown on page 39 in our November and December 2013 catalogs) is no longer available. However, a substitute high-performance LED lamp which we recommend is available as an alternative. It differs somewhat in appearance but its overall function and utility has been enhanced from the original.

The improved magnifying light carries a greater array of high performance LED's (16 vs 10) which will provide thousands of hours of use, a 2X power 4" diameter magnification lens and the same 4X power spot magnifier. Instead of being mounted on a rigid, hinged arm, it is mounted on a 12" flex arm which gives it much more flexibility in positioning. In addition, the 2" base is a strong magnet that can be placed anywhere on a 10 x 10" steel base that is fitted with rubber corner pads. Additionally, for extra positioning flexibility a steel C-clamp that can be attached firmly to any surface up to 2-1/2" thick comes with each improved lamp. May be powered from a standard wall outlet (100 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz) using the supplied power adapter or from 4 AA 1.5 V batteries (not included).

This Improved LED Desk and Work Light normally carries a manufacturer's suggested list price of $139.95. However, for our customers, the price has been reduced $40 to $99.95 through December 31, 2013 - the same price as the discontinued model .
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