Improved 1100 Lumen Search LED Flashlight

Improved 1100 Lumen Search LED Flashlight
Now smaller & lighter with longer runtimes
Includes free charger & batteries
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04D02.19 Hi-Tech Search & Rescue

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04D03.05 Repl. CR123 (4 Batt.)

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04D05.07 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 18650 (NL183)

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Of all the selections in our family of hi-tech LED flashlights, the 1100 Lumen Search projects the farthest beam throw - an amazing 1,450 ft. (well over a quarter mile). It produces up to 1,100 lumens at three output levels (100, 550 or 1100) with a maximum of 4 hours runtime at full power or 40 hours on low. These key features make the 1100 Search the obvious choice for range patrol, emergency preparedness, and search and rescue. Now improved from our previous search model; it's lighter and over an inch shorter with longer runtimes at the same great power outputs. It also has a "lockout" function (the first we have seen) to prevent accidental illumination if being transported with the batteries installed.

The 1100 lumen Search runs on either 6 CR-123A lithium batteries or using 3 #18650 rechargeable Li-ion batteries. A side-switch cycles through the brightness levels. A micro-USB port allows recharging batteries while installed. Shock resistant and waterproof to 2 meters. The Search & Rescue Light comes in a fitted poly case with USB cable & power adaptor, a car charger and three #18650 Li-ion rechargeable batteries at no additional cost - a $59.40 value.

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