Improved Brush Cutter w/ Sheath

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Improved Brush Cutter w/ Sheath
Original US Army #LC-14B
Designed to feel like an extension of your arm
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18N11.57 Improved Brush Cutter w/ Sheath

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This Classic cutter, with its leather handle and hand guard (overall length 17" and steel blade a full 1/8" thick), will slice through green wood up to 1-1/2" thick with a single stroke. Weighing less than 1-1/2 lbs, it has been standard US Army issue since 1941. The Improved Brush Cutter (also with a 1/8" thick blade) now is 27" long with a very long 18-1/2" handle. It is designed to cut vines and other thick brushy growth efficiently. As a pair, they can tackle about any job. The optional leather sheath fits the Classic cutter. The Improved Brush Cutter comes with a nylon sheath as standard.

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