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Easy to use, rock-solid & extra stable
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58A01.10 Improved Honing Guide

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For those who want a guide with extra stability (see the nylon rollers spaced 3" apart), old-fashioned solidity (3/32" thick folded steel frame), and secure alignment with widely spaced reference pins, this Improved Guide will provide a fine value. And it works with the Float Glass Kit like it was designed for it. It'll handle blades and chisels up to 1-1/4" wide (or up to 2" by moving the middle set of locating pins), plus very short blades and spokeshave blades by using the forward clamp-bolt holes. It's a very nice, simple-to-use tool and we recommend it for woodworkers who would like an enhanced function.

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Overall Rating
  • Very well made.

    Robert Edward Martin Pinder, 8/25/2016 Very sturdy, skip the metal one. This one is built very well.
  • Sharpening Chisels

    Greg, 8/8/2016 This devise makes it easy to align the chisel for a square edge. It easily switches from sandpaper on granite counter scrapes to water stones to mirror the bevel. I'm working on a jig to easily get the correct bevel angle.
  • Chisel sharpener

    T Strock, 8/5/2016 Very easy to use and the quality is top notch
  • Pretty good with noted issues

    Mark, 7/1/2016 Very heavy duty, adjustable within limits though. Indicates it can handle blades wider than 1 1/4" by "moving" the middle set of locating pins, those pins aren't removable unless you were to drill them out, not as one would expect from the description. The offer originally included a selection of small PSA sheets that didn't come with the guide, that's now been removed from the item description, it's not available. Otherwise substantial and stable, the wide base of wheels provides for squared edges during honing. If those center pins were actually movable and/or it came with the advertised PSA sheets it would have been a fantastic buy.
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