Improved Honing Guide

Improved Honing Guide
Easy to use, rock-solid & extra stable
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58A01.10 Improved Honing Guide

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For those who want a guide with extra stability (see the nylon rollers spaced 3" apart), old-fashioned solidity (3/32" thick folded steel frame), and secure alignment with widely spaced reference pins, this Improved Guide will provide a fine value. And it works with the Float Glass Kit like it was designed for it. It'll handle blades and chisels up to 1-1/4" wide (or up to 2" by moving the middle set of locating pins), plus very short blades and spokeshave blades by using the forward clamp-bolt holes. It's a very nice, simple-to-use tool and we recommend it for woodworkers who would like an enhanced function.

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  • Better Than Kell

    Gary, 8/27/2015 I got the Kell for my shop and decided I wanted one for home. Although the Kell is very good, this one is far easier to set up and use. Much more stable in you hand, built like a tank. Both work fine, but this one is much better.
  • Yes, It Needs Instructions

    Charles, 5/31/2015 With the help of the catalog picture and the various review remarks I figured it out. But it would be much easier with printed instructions.
  • Instructions

    Jerry, 2/26/2015 Easy to use when angles figured out, instructions were not included, a protractor had to be used to calculate measurements, it worked but instructions would be useful.
  • Needs Instructions

    Peter, 7/31/2014 An instruction sheet is needed for this item. I bought it from the print catalog specifically for spokeshave blades. The print catalog item description says nothing about removing pins to accommodate spokeshave blades. The Veritas honing guide comes with a multi-page instruction guide.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your review on the Improved Honing Guide. We are sorry that instructions were not included. An emailed copy has been sent to you.
  • Well Suited For Sand Paper Sharpening

    Richard Trefren, 4/3/2014 After using a very inexpensive single wheel honing guide ($10-$20, sold everywhere)with very little satisfaction, I find this tool to be a huge improvement. This is a copy of the Chisel Doctor" previously sold by G-W (copied with the approval of the previous tool's manufacturer after going out of production), but it is no longer made in the USA. It is very solid. It clamps the blades securely. I agree that it would not work well on a small bench stone, but it works perfectly on sandpaper attached to glass. The process for changing to wider blades is a little cumbersome (you have to drive the middle set of guiding pins up so the pins are flush with the under side of the frame of the guide itself), so I would want to plan ahead and not make that change frequently. I find the information on width capacities in the product description to be overstated. With the pins in the narrow position, a blade up to 1 1/4 inch will work. With the pins set in the wide position the unit will hold a blade a little wider than 2 inches: my #4 plane iron (2 inches wide) works well, but my #6 plane iron (2 1/2 inches wide) will not fit. For a 25 degree angle, extend the tip of the blade one inch beyond the frame, and for a 30 degree bevel extend the tip 3/16 of an inch. This is a sturdy well-designed tool for sharpening chisels and smaller plane irons with sandpaper. I'm glad I have it.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thanks for the heads up on the copy description, Richard. We have corrected the information on blade capacity. "
  • Far Less Than Awsome

    WoodWorker, 4/1/2014 Simple to Use"? I don't think so. The axle must be disassembled to accommodate 2" wide stones. In doing so, the e-clip broke. GW would not replace the e-clip. Next, the device is so long that you must have a lengthy stone, or else you will have very little working length on the stone. Third, 30 degrees is the maximum bevel angle attainable, and you can just barely do that, because the guide is so long. Last, the spring pins are not so easy to remove and replace, so you won't be switching between narrow blades and wide blades very often. I tried to clarify some of these issues before purchasing this guide, but GW did not answer either email pre-purchase.

    Response By: Garrett Wade Tech Department
    Thank you for your  review on the Improved Honing Guide. We are sorry that you are having difficulty with this item. A technician will be in touch with you shortly. "
  • No Instructions Included

    WoodWorker, 4/1/2014 Follow-up to my review: No instructions were included with this guide.
  • Awesome

    Paul, 3/14/2014 This guide works perfectly. Its very well made and I like that the rollers are far apart for better stability. My wife threw out the instructions and I don't know the exact length the chisel needs to protrude for a 30 degree bevel. Can anyone help me out?
  • Get One

    Joe Glosson, 2/12/2014 My first experience with a honing guide and it is a honey. Quick and easy to use. Why did I wait so long to buy this?
  • Excelente Herramienta

    Jorge, 9/30/2013 Ahora con la Mejora Guía Honing" es excelente, quedan bien afilados, lo recomiendo a otras personas. "
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