Improved Micro Hi-Tech Flashlight

Improved Micro Hi-Tech Flashlight
Flashlight For Pocket Or Purse
Includes four CR123A Lithium batteries FREE- a $12.95 retail value
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04D03.13 Improved Micro Hi-Tech Flashlight

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04D03.05 Four Pack of CR123 Batteries

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Our 04D02.12 Std. Micro Hi-Tech remains the champ for smallest size but the Improved model (from a different maker) has a much more powerful output (310 Lumens - an increase of 67) is only

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  • Perfect Backpacking Light

    Ed, 7/4/2014 I bought this light 4 or 5 months ago for use backpacking. It is unbeatable for that in light of its weight. But, I am also an early riser and use a flashlight when moving about the house so as not to awaken my wife when I am making my morning coffee. In that setting I use the 0.5 lumen moonlight" output level which gives me ample light while keeping minimal compromise of my night vision. And, yet, when I need to spotlight a raccoon in my bird feeders I have the >300 lumen output readily available. And this is the point I'm trying to emphasize with this review: I'm still on the original battery. That's where the "moonlight" setting really pays off. The manufacture suggests a >300 hour battery life and that appears to be accurate! This is now my primary flashlight and it is in daily use. "
  • Pocket Beam

    Jay Short, 3/13/2014 Love the light. I work with many tools that I carry on me this light is the one that gives me most for the weight.
  • Good But Very Pricey

    SouthHill, 2/23/2014 This little flashlight is very bright, but I don't think I would pay nearly $70 for another one. (Beam is not adjustable, tho.) Use for a small dark place where you need a lot of light.
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