Improved Mini Flashlight

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New Improved Mini Flashlight
Exceptional brightness for it's small size
The magnetic base acts like a third hand
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04D05.28 Improved Mini Flashlight

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04D05.07 #18650 Rechargeable Battery (1)

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04D03.05 Four Pack of CR123 Batteries

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This improved mini-sized flashlight uses a single #18650 rechargeable battery (or, alternatively, 2 CR123A batteries). Newly refined circuitry allows an exceptional 950 lumens for 2 minutes, or 500 lumens for 3 hours. Output at 80 lumens lasts 19 hours, and at 10 lumens lasts for 6 days--a remarkable output from a single charge. Comes with one #18650 rechargeable battery at no extra cost.

Five Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Lumens: 0.5, 10, 80, 400, 500, and 950; Max Throw: 500 ft

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