Improved Woodsman's Pal

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Improved Woodsman's Pal
Original US Army #LC-14B
Designed to feel like an extension of your arm
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18N11.50 Woodman's Pal, Classic

Available 06/06/2016


18N11.57 Improved Brush Cutter w/ Sheath

Available 06/06/2016


18N11.61 Both Classic & Imp Brush Cutter

Available 06/06/2016

Regular Price: $209.00

Special Price $197.50

18N11.51 Leather Sheath (for Pal Classic only)

Available 06/06/2016


18N11.52 Black Nylon Sheath (for both versions)

Available 06/06/2016


This Classic cutter, with its leather handle and hand guard (overall length 17" and steel blade a full 1/8" thick), will slice through green wood up to 1-1/2" thick with a single stroke. Weighing less than 1-1/2 lbs, it has been standard US Army issue since 1941. The Improved Brush Cutter (also with a 1/8" thick blade) now is 27" long with a very long 18-1/2" handle. It is designed to cut vines and other thick brushy growth efficiently. As a pair, they can tackle about any job. The optional leather sheath fits the Classic cutter. The Improved Brush Cutter comes with a nylon sheath as standard.

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  • Almost Perfect

    Dan Harriger, 8/18/2013 I own several Woodsman's Pal products. Bought this one for the longer handle when clearing briars on trails, etc. Very heavy when compared to the other Woodsman's machetes. Does not have the safety wrist strap like the other products. Will slip from your hand when working in high humidity or other wet" conditions. May void the warranty, but will drill my handle and add a wrist strap. Better safe than sorry!"
  • Brush Cutter Can't

    Chad, 10/13/2010 The Brush cutter, unlike the classic, is a flimsy tool that bent the first time I tried to pull it out of a 1 thick English Ivy vine--that it didn't even cut through. Don't bother with this tool."
  • Best Machete Type Tool

    Joe R., 12/30/2009 Works great. I'm a landscaper and I've taken trees down up to 12 no problem. Thanks for a great tool."
  • Great tools

    Doug , 7/15/2009 This is a great tool, I have used one for many years. I just saw it in this add and decided I had to have both, new ones, so that I would always have a couple and maybe a couple for my neighbors. One problem, Price, this would be a good product at $20.00 ea. Not a good product at $149.90. All the tools I own are quality, Lie Neilson, Starrett, Veritas and many other similar. You folks are dreaming! Doubt if you will post this review.
  • More Then You Would Expect

    SFC D. Higgins, 6/1/2009 The Woodsman's Pal, was sent to me while in Vietnam, and has remained with me through-out my military career, We have been to many places, it it has NEVER let me down. It turned out to be more then I ever expected. It's versatility is only left to your imagination. I still have it, and is still serving me well. Great product!! Thanks for making my tours easier!!
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